girl1-1.jpgHey, nice of you to stop by. I’m Clairity, mom of 3 and someone who started out as a somewhat unlikely mom. In my years as a suit, it seemed I was better cut out at climbing the corporate ladder than managing 3 kids. But once I ditched that suit and got down to playing mom for real, I was surprised at how much fun that was.

I’m not sure exactly when my babies turned into college kids. It felt like a flash. But somewhere along the line, they did, and here I am, still figuring out the finer points of mothering.

Hip2bSon, my eldest, is our resident geek and photog who faithfully provides us with much needed tech support. Hip2bDaughter1, our fashionista and in-house fashion consultant, whips up some pretty fancy meals. Hip2bDaughter2, the baby of my brood, is the budding artist who cracks us up with her random jokes.

Now that my kids are older, I’m excited to be getting back to becoming a freelance writer. Writing is my first love and I’m always up for writing gigs and reviews. If you need writing services, email me at “sheer.clairity@gmail.com” and I’d be happy to discuss your ideas.

I love cooking up a storm for my kids. Oh, just for fun, here are 5 things you should know about me and a few things I thoroughly enjoy. There’s never a dull moment around here, so if you have a minute,

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