And just like that, the peace is back

Aa-and so I woke up this morning even before Sunny had a chance to cockadoodledoo. You’re late, Sunny but you’re forgiven. It’s such a beautiful morning outside. No sounds of revving, honking, spluttering and coughing (oops, sorry, that’s a bad word these days, don’t even say it!). Only the sound of silence. Punctuated by the occasional dog barking, the early bird chirping with its mouth full (hey, watch it, that worm’s gonna fall out, dude!).

I spend the first few minutes stumbling around in the darkness. Opening the window to let in the fresh morning breeze. Clearing, in one fell swoop, the heap of text messages that have accumulated in my phone overnight. I know people mean well but I don’t read that stuff, waste of time, straight into the trash they go.

So anyhow, judging by the rate things have been going, Sixth Sense told me to place my order for groceries last Sunday in anticipation of another lockdown and desperadoes grabbing all the time slots. And of course, you were right, Sixth Sense, you go grrrl👍! No, not panic buying. I’ve been maintaining stock levels all this while. I’ve been ordering my groceries online since March.

Speaking of which, I was watching a video where Jimmy Kimmel (who is hilarious, btw, love the guy) was talking to Billy Crystal recently. And when Billy Crystal said he hadn’t left his house since March, I was seriously like, omg, you too? that’s great yo, high five🖐!

Anyhow, I’ve got old cucumber soup and chicken drumsticks bubbling in the pot right now. Thought I’d get the business of cooking dinner out of the way before my groceries arrive. Wait, I just got a text from the grocery store saying they may be up to 2 hours late due to roadblocks. Yup, I totally get it, it’s probably an obstacle course out there right now! But look, they should be using drones to air-drop groceries already!

Wait, there’s the doorbell! He’s here, the grocery truck is outside! A half hour earlier than originally scheduled. Wow, this is what I call service. Roadblocks, what roadblocks? This delivery driver is the RoadBlockbuster himself💪! I don’t know how he did it but he rocks! There I was, thinking I’d have to wait till 7p and he’s right outside at 2:30p! Now move aside and let the Disinfection Crew (yes, that would be me in my mask and gloves) do their job!

Okay, enough rambling for today! Back to enjoying the peace!

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