Bibim but you can't see the bap

Bibim but you can’t see the bap

So yeah, on Day 157 of my hibernation, I made a huge batch of Beef Spaghetti Bolognese, had leftovers which I froze along with extra Bolognese sauce for another day. For dinner on Day 173, I decided, heck, why don’t I use up the remaining Aussie minced beef for bibimbap? Will it workšŸ¤·? I don’t know but who cares, let’s do it anyways.

As is often the case, any dish I set out to cook is never quite the dish it’s supposed to be after I’m done messing around with the ingredientsšŸ˜›. And so, as you might expect, my bibimbap ain’t the regular one you might find at a Korean restaurant. It’s my version, twisted and contorted lol. It’s always fun to see what turns out and how it tastes.

And here’s looking at weird toppings which, by the way, completely drowned out the poor Basmati rice below. Lightly seasoned beef, fried eggs, and a medley my medley of shredded carrot, onions, cucumber and bell pepper, and a dollop of gojuchang (Korean red pepper sauce) to start. I added a ton more later when I was mixing it up. It ain’t good if it ain’t spicy.

Bibim but you can't see the bap

I’d say, aesthetically pleasing but a weird combination of ingredients nevertheless. So anyways, to balance things up, I added on a side of crispy fried chicken for some extra excitement. So good. Simple doesn’t have to be boring. And that’s dinner for another night. No leftovers.

Bibim but you can't see the bap

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