Oh, my ladies!

Oh, my ladies!

Yes, we scored our first ever harvest of okras! Hello, ladies, and hello to your fingers too! So one morning, our resident Hip2bHorticulturist walks in from the Garden of Eat’em with 4 okras in hand. On taking a closer look, I notice these ladies have such flawless complexions it’s as if they’ve had they’re plastic surgery. A quick wash and he’s chomping on one. Yup, I hear that crunch!

Oh, my ladies!

He: These are delicious, so sweet, mmm!

Me: You sure you can eat them raw?

He: Of course, try one. Here!

Me: Umm, it’s alright, think I’ll pass.

When people pluck random produce off a plant and pop them right into their mouths, I’m like, umm. Well, okay, at least he washed them 🤷. Guess I’m not much of a cavewoman in spite of having spent the past 6 months hibernating in a cave. Never having ridden on the commercial organic bandwagon per se, I’m still coming to grips with the idea that organic is right on the other side of my front door lol.

A couple of days ago, we had a huge harvest of assorted spinach, much bigger than the first one. Yes, a whole basketful! We would have bigger harvests if we didn’t have to compete with the worms, snails and other health-conscious crawlies. Apparently it’s first come, first served but our Horticulture Department always misses the boat somehow😜.

Oh, my ladies!

Tsk, tsk, tsk! Someone’s been chomping on this red leaf. But that’s okay. This is life as it should be. Mother Earth hands you something good, and you share it with your little friends. What’s wrong with that? The way 2020 is going, a little kindness and willingness to share all round would be really nice.

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