The Garden of Eat'em

The Garden of Eat’em

Raise your hand if you’ve ever watched one of those farm-to-table videos and thought they were cool! You know, the ones that walk you through an oh-so-rustic restaurant with weathered wooden furniture on an outdoor terrace, and down a flight of wooden stairs leading into a whole other world of herbs, vegetables and fruits as the chef stealthily plucks choice produce he then uses to craft your meals. Can you picture this in your head? Yeah, that!

To be able to take two steps into your own backyard, basket in hand, to harvest fresh produce, sprouting from the earth underneath your feet, I think is just too pretty darned cool. Of course, I’m saying this looking at my two outstretched thumbs, neither of which is green. Checking my toe thumbs too, by the way. Nope, they’re not green either. Which means the chances of me being the one swinging that basketful of freshly picked produce is, umm, sadly nil.

But wait. What’s this by my kitchen sink?

The Garden of Eat'em

A basket of freshly picked vegetables, you say? Yup, I still cannot believe this, there’s just no way! This harvest came from your garden, you say? Really? Yes, from our very own Garden of Eat’em! which of course, wasn’t always about vegetables to begin with. It started out as one crazy-*ssed mass of flowers, flowers and more flowers, duh! For years, I’ve been raising my hands to the skies, asking, why aren’t we propagating vegetation we can actually consume rather that a bunch of stunning beauties who stand there looking pretty for a while but are doomed to wilt shortly thereafter?

To a practical person, growing vegetables makes a helluva more sense than planting flowers. But if folks would rather gaze upon the impermanence of life (as we should, not that we shouldn’t) than nurture a sustainable harvest of the edible wonders of nature, so be it *shrugs*. Well, things are sorta different now because now: Houston, we have liftoff!! Nowhere near walking on the moon, of course but still these little harvests are giant steps for mankind us.

The Garden of Eat'em

Slowly but surely, those dancing ladies (small yellow orchids) are bowing out to make way for ladies’ fingers (hello, Ms Okra), spinach-es I don’t even know the names of (like those 3 types? in the pic abovešŸ¤·) and goodness knows what else. I’m excited at the prospect of more fresh green produce from our Garden of Eat’em appearing on our dinner table, of coursešŸ˜‰.