Lady BG and Mr Chatty

Okay, so here’s looking at Day 139 *sticks head out of cave and waves*. No kiddin’, I haven’t been outside – yet. I’m still ordering my groceries online but the last delivery guy showed up not wearing a mask. I wasn’t too happy about that in spite of him being outside the gate and me sorta miles away watching him from my front door.

He was quite chatty while transferring stuff from his tray into my box. Talking loudly and not wearing a mask tsk tsk tsk!! Aerosols, my man, aerosols! I tried beaming laser hints at him with my one-word answers but he didn’t get the message, nah, the guy’s a naturally upbeat person, no crime in that lol.

So after he, and every other delivery man, leaves comes the part I loathe – the lengthy, time-consuming process of disinfecting every item in the box. Not something I look forward to. It’s a dirty job but somebody’s gotta do it, right? though I wish it didn’t have to be me, gr-rr! But I guess I have to do my part since I’m not the one venturing out into the Big Bad World of Menacing Microorganisms, sometimes bringing home random food takeouts, sometimes breaking news of familiar eateries that have folded up in this pandemic.

And this time, oh no, the latest casualty is our beloved bitter gourd noodles whose soup, I was told by Lady Bitter Gourd herself, is lovingly brewed with healthy ingredients. Her soup was made with her kids in mind (hence, no MSG and minimal salt) because that’s the very soup she serves them after school. She was extremely generous too with the rice noodle portions, piling on tons of bitter gourd slices, tomatoes, seaweed, goji berries, fishballs, fishcakes, wow. Tasty to the last drop and at such a reasonable price. And because of its natural goodness, we sometimes had it multiple times a week.

Now Lady BG wasn’t one to reduce ingredients or raise prices indiscriminately either. In the many years I’ve patronized her stall, her portions and ingredients have remained the same, and she’s probably only raised the price minimally once or twice. Someone with such honesty and business ethics is rare indeed. Imagine if she were the head of a global business enterprise!! So sad she had to close. I miss her yummy bitter gourd noodles already *sobs*.

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