Surprise at the end ;)

The other day, I came across this article about people microwaving library books to get rid of the corona virus lol. Sounds hilarious but can you really blame them? After all, these are topsy-turvy times we’re living in. Quite honestly, I would totally do it too 🤷. I mean, why not, except that microwaving books might leave them a little charred perhaps, maybe, and librarians aren’t too pleased. Still, there’s no saying what could be lingering on ’em books, would be a germophobe’s first thought, and who knows what kind of creative ideas just that one question could inspire eh 😎?

Which brings me to a debate out there on the internet over the word ‘irregardless’. So someone noticed it’s listed in some dictionaries as a legit word which means the same thing as ‘regardless’. No, no, no!! ‘Irregardless’ is not a word. Say it out loud and you’ll notice right away something’s not quite right about the way it sounds. The correct word, as far as I’m concerned, is ‘regardless’. And I’ll tell you why.

The logic is simple. The prefix ‘ir’ and suffix ‘less’ in ‘irregardless’ are both negative. Now do the math. A double negative makes a positive. ‘Regardless’ means ‘in spite of everything’ or ‘no matter what’, therefore it has a negative connotation. Adding the negating prefix ‘ir’ to ‘regardless’ turns it into a positive which makes no sense at all, and yup, messes up its meaning. So I’m sorry (not sorry), ‘irregardless’, but I have no use for you! The right word is ‘regardless’, from where I’m standing 🤷.

Aa-aand since we’re on the topic of things intellectual, here’s a little update on what I’m up to. I’m re-reading a book on practical Theravadan Buddhism. I started reading it wa-aay back before the pandemic, but never got around to finishing it. One quiet afternoon during the lockdown, I dug the book out from a box in the corner. My bookmark’s still there but I’ve forgotten what I’ve read so far, so I’m starting over 🙄. This week, I went back to school, sorta, as in taking an online summer course in Pali (the language of the Buddha’s teachings). How cool to be able to attend class without even getting up from this chair!

And the highlight of today’s post on Day 121 of staying home, is a peek at my very simple lunch: a bowl of cold mung bean soup + a glass of icy fruit juice 🥵 . And for dessert, ta-daaa, this shiny thingy. (Read on for the side story.)


Surprise at the end ;)


This came from a box I bought as a gift for someone. But since the pandemic got here before he did, I’m officially coming out of non-snacker mode to help myself to all of the shiny thingies inside that box 😜!

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