What is simple multiplied by 3?

What is simple multiplied by 3?

Looks like today, Day 108, is ripe for that long overdue food post. Of course, I’m still counting, are you kiddin’ me? These are unprecedented times you’d definitely want to tell your grandchildren and great-grandchildren about. Like how many days Grandfomo and Planet Earth got locked up at home because of a teeny-tiny germ, and which day you finally rushed out, only to have a gun pointed at your head before you were allowed to sit down and sink your teeth into that long-anticipated bowl of gluttony while celestial music and questionable air drifted down from the air-conditioning vents above đŸŽļ. All good stuff for the history books y’all, so I’m gonna keep right on counting the days 😉.

Coincidentally, in the months before the pandemic, I’d started practicing the Buddhist way of life which, to put it simply, is just a simpler lifestyle. Well, there’s a lot more to it, of course, but let’s leave it at that for now. So as part of my practice, my meals are now pretty simple and repetitive, hence the long silence. Even my cellphone is less inspired to keep snapping, rarely traveling down to the kitchen with me. Trust me, no one wants to hear about my sandwiches or vegetable soups.

So eating less fancy meals + exercising portion control because 1. even with daily workouts, sitting around all day long is the quickest way to roll down the path of a pumpkin (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun), and 2. I was trying to stretch the food supply I stocked up in February. Looks like my estimation was way out. I probably stocked up way more than the planned 2 months’ worth because my two full-sized fridges are only now beginning to look rather sad and depleted 🧐.

Admittedly, we did ‘indulge’ in takeout meals on a handful of occasions during the lockdown but sadly, almost none lived up to this picky eater’s standards đŸ¤Ļ. First, my favorite fish head fillet noodle soup, which I used to be swear by, is now down to soup that tastes like plain salt water with none of the robust sweetness and aroma of cooking wine it used to boast ☚ī¸. So bye2, beloved fish head noodles. While I do empathize with small businesses that have been badly hit by the lockdown, watering things down, subtracting ingredients, reducing portions, raising prices, etc. (assuming they were already doing well before) to try and recoup those losses shouldn’t be the way if they’re planning to stay in business in the long run because some of us (not everyone) will notice. Just sayin’.

Next was a rather large batch of glutinous rice dumplings we ordered out of compassion for the friend of a friend whose father and brother are out of a job. Umm, all I can say is that the saltiness of said dumplings was pretty close to the salinity level of the Dead Sea, and seemed to be the work of, shall we say, amateurs? Some were bursting with fillings, others were sadly lacking so we had to redistribute the ingredients ourselves (oooh, the humongous blobs of jiggly fat that nobody wanted 🐷). It was fun, in a weird sort of way, but all for a good cause, I guess.

On another occasion, I ordered lunch and dinner boxes from a woman who claimed her bakery business had been affected. After tasting her home-cooking, I’d definitely advice her to stick to baking 😜. Then there was a day a friend gave us a heap of durians (see old pictures here) from his orchard and they were, as usual, finger-lickin’ good! And that’s it, the only specials on our menu in these past 100+ days.

In other news, I found hidden treasure – a bag of scallops – in the deep, dark recesses of my freezer where no hand has landed since pre-pandemic. Where it came from, I have no idea. Maybe someone flung it into my shopping cart when I wasn’t looking. Them were some pretty crazy days back in February, so who knows? But scallops appearing from out of nowhere are always welcome in my house, more please 😜! Anyways, here they are in my Simple Scallop-Asparagus Stir-fry, a favorite I used to dish up in California (keep your masks on! 😷). Simple, naturally sweet, and very delicious!!

What is simple multiplied by 3?