Apparently I’ve been MIA for, what, weeks?! Hmm, did anyone miss me lol? Time flies, sometimes even when you least expect it. Like this lockdown, for instance, which I’m sure everyone expected to be a drag. Turns out it wasn’t all that bad, not for me anyways. I think it’s nice living in your own little bubble, oblivious to all that’s happening outside. Because sometimes the world and its problems can mess up your day so bad you just want to dunk your head in a pail of water 😬.

On the contrary, this lockdown is has been a rare time of peace and quiet. Quite nice really. Not being obliged or pressured to go anywhere or see anyone. Not having to dress up (doesn’t mean I’m in my pj’s all day, no, but not combing my hair, yes, my hairstyle’s supposed to be messy 🤓). Having all day to do what you will at leisure. Eating simply (I’ve actually lost weight. I don’t own a weighing scale but I can feel it in my clothes). Not gonna lie, will miss lockdown for sure!

So, from what I hear – traffic zooming by, car alarms blasting, idiotic laughter outside in the middle of the night – apparently the worst is over, the enemy’s been defeated, and the gates flung wide open. Such a relief for those who couldn’t wait to rush back out lol!! No rush for me though. I’m good right here where I’m at, on Day 99 (I think! heck, who’s even counting anymore?) and of course, this also means I have nothing new or exciting to report *bwahaha*.

Oh wait, I do have some breaking news. I ordered another round of groceries online. Is this even news? It might be if it weren’t such a piece of cake to snag a delivery slot these days. I can pick and choose, change my mind, then change my mind another 10 more times if I wanted to. Whee-eeeeee! Oh no, don’t tell me I’ve lost my zest for wandering the grocery aisles getting slammed front and back by shopping carts with no sense of personal space?! Oh, but there’s that 3 feet of separation now, right? So it’s safe then. No one’s going to be stretching their arm 3 inches from my face to grab that can of tuna, or hip-bumping me off to the far side of the moon then?! Oh good!

So, new normal *shudders* or the same old normal? My guess is, it’s the old. Like it or not, people are creatures of habit. If they had no concept of personal space before, fat chance they’ll think physical distancing even applies to them, especially now that those numbers apparently belong elsewhere and the virus only affects other people? I mean, I know for a fact that I will stick to the rules. As for how people out there are going to behave, well, that’s completely out of my control. So nope, not going out!

On top of that, the idea of having to gear up, stand in line in risky enclosed spaces, deal with covidiots, rules and restrictions everywhere (fun times!), have thermometer guns (do they even work?) pointed at your head at every turn, then getting home and having to de-gear and de-sanitize sounds bleh to me. I’d rather just sit here and wait. Wait for what? You’ll have to read my mind for the answer to that question. Meantime, let’s not forget it ain’t over till it’s over. So yeah.