Risks, realities, and reactions

So I’m nodding in agreement as I read this article in the Washington Post about how people react nowadays when their door bell rings. Great article, btw, sounds like me lol. These days, even answering your door can be cause for major paranoia. Imagine that! For some, we-ell, the reaction may be meh. Rush to the door sans mask to take a delivery up front (never mind the distancing), reach out with bare hands, then proceed to cross-contaminate everything else from that point on. No big deal. *shrugs* Virus? What virus? Everyone’s going to die one day. What are you so afraid of?

You know what? I really love this argument. Every time I hear someone say stuff like this, I’m like lolol, there goes another… never mind, not gonna say it out loud here but yeah! Strikes me some folks are either fearless, stupid and/or plain selfish, and any or all of the above could potentially spell disaster for the rest of us. Sure, it’d be great if this virus weren’t so contagious and unpredictable. Then at least, even if people chose to be stupid or careless, it wouldn’t affect anyone else.

Then there’s that thing about dying. I mean, it’d be fine if it were as simple as dropping dead. Easy, right? Just drop dead and you’re done, no problem at all. But lying there, alone, while the virus takes its time to plug up your blood vessels and play eeny meeny miny mo with your organs, that’s a different story. Also the fact that the virus has leveled up of late. It’s not just the lungs, or just the weak and wrinkled, as earlier believed, it’s now playing Russian roulette with random organs, random afflictions, random age groups. So there!

In other news, I came across this survey where 6,000 people were asked how comfortable they feel about coming back out into the world as it reopens, or is flung open (as the case may be). Interesting! Couldn’t resist jumping in with my take on some of the questions.

Would you go shopping in person at a nonessential business?

Well, let’s say it’d be nice to have a few more pairs of exercise shorts since I’m home so much. Not that I really need them. So going to the store, no. Not trying on anything that could potentially be contaminated.

Would you eat at a restaurant indoors with reduced seating?

No, there are still too many unknowns about this virus at this stage, I feel, and the fact that it’s still mutating. A University of Massachusetts Dartmouth associate professor of biology, Erin Bromage, says 90% of infections originate from these 5 places – home, workplace, public transportation, social gatherings and restaurants – all enclosed spaces, with the possibility of germy air circulating through the air-conditioning systems. Dining outdoors sounds like a slightly better option but I still wouldn’t feel at ease. Maybe if they make me wear a pool noodle (like they’re doing at a restaurant in Germany), I might feel a teeny bit better lol.

Would you fly on a commercial airplane?

Why? Where am I going? If it’s back to my hometown, I might consider because dang, I so miss that place. But maybe sail, not fly. Boats are self-contained but not enclosed aka a lot safer. But first, pack up my life and buy a boat, watch some videos on how to sail it, then get someone to show me the way to the Pacific Ocean. Did I miss out anything? Okay, okay, so I’ve been reading about people stranded in their boats and thank goodness, they seem to be okay.

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