Still raining

Day 65 and it’s raining today. Started with a huge electric storm (haven’t had one of those in a while) and some 6 hours later, it’s toned down but still going. It’s this kind of drippy rain that reminds me of my hometown in California where it rarely rains, and when it does, everyone’s talking about it. The rain holds such wonder there that even I would rush to the window every time.

Well, today’s been a good day for me. I got up a whole hour earlier than usual, and after stumbling around in the dark, I settled down to meditate. I love the peace and quiet of the house at this time of day. And of course, getting an early start means everything else gets pushed up and there’s more hours in the day to dally.

Doing my workout to the accompaniment of special effects provided by the booming thunder and lightning flashes was the highlight of my day lol. I mean, how often do you get to puff and pant to the full-blown theatrics of the heavens cracking the skies open every few minutes? And in the middle of a pandemic too! That was quite something!

And how do you wrap up such a great day? With meditation, of course. Since meditation is such a joy and summer is almost here, I guess this is as good a time as any to officially come out of hibernation. By the way, it’s still raining outside. Enjoy! I love the rain. And lockdown or not, unfortunately, the pandemic’s still very much on. Me, I’m not going anywhere except into retreat.

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