How the ostrich views the duck

Ooh, where are we now? Day 58, I’m guessing? Who’s even keeping count anymore? So far, my days are humdrum. No movies. No TV (for the past 25 years, not even kiddin’). Simple meals. Meditation. The ostrich has its head so deep in sutras every day that it only comes up for air once a week. Yup, making notes, researching, sourcing out new material as if I’m cramming for midterms. I swear this is college me all over again lol. Oh man, feels so good! Have I ever mentioned I love school?

Well, to be fair, we did have a bit of excitement round about Day 37 or so, I think it was, that we took delivery of our first ever food order, a historic event in our household history, prompted by the recommendations of well-meaning friends who somehow strike me as imagining this lockdown to be something of an all expenses paid staycation from heaven (not judging, to each his/her own) while I’m worrying about stuff like the impact of global supply chain disruptions on food security.

To me, it just doesn’t seem right to be partying while people everywhere are dropping like flies, and healthcare professionals and essential personnel are running marathons to save lives at the expense of their own health, all this while the virus continues to spread and mutate, and there’s still no vaccine or cure on the horizon. This may sound hugely pessimistic on my part but I’m honestly in no mood to celebrate.

So when our order of roast duck arrived, I wasn’t about to burst into crocodile tears of joy! At the same time, I didn’t want to be a wet blanket and spoil the excitement for everyone else either. But in my head, I was like, why are we even doing this? That’s how enthused I was about this idea. And obviously, I have my reasons.

First, there’s this whole song and dance around the delivery, sanitation and disposal of boxes and packaging, then microwaving the heck out of the poor duck before serving it. All pretty extreme and needless, if you ask me. Going through that level of stress just for food? I’d rather just be eating my simple meals without the Bollywood. Wouldn’t you? Nah, that’s just me. I’m not as driven to food the way many people are. I’m a nerd who can eat practically the same food every day haha.

Now back to the roast duck. As it happened, the duck arrived at our gate on the afternoon of the first moon of the month, which incidentally was vegetarian day for me. So while everyone else dug in, I was eating vegetarian and only got to eat the leftover duck for dinner the following night.

My first meal from the outside world after 43 days of my self-imposed hibernation. Wow, it was such a bland and tasteless roast duck I wondered if they might’ve forgotten to marinate it. Last week, we were ‘blessed’ with another roast duck, restaurant-bought, which was just as underwhelming. Is this a sign of the times, I wonder? Not complaining, just stating the facts. I’m thankful for the occasional ‘indulgence’ to break the monotony of our homey lockdown menu. Peace out!