Four and twenty six

Four and twenty six

Day 26 inside these 4 walls. Time for some ruminations. Weird how this week seems to have flown while the weeks before this now seem like so long ago. So much has happened within such a short period of time. It feels surreal to even think that just a month ago on March 1, I was sitting at a restaurant, eating this bowl of steaming hot noodles, not knowing it would be my last meal out for the indefinite future.

Four and twenty six

Honestly, my head still spins when I think back to December when news of this virus first caught my attention. My curiosity piqued, I continued to follow the events as they unfolded, eager to find out how they would impact us. Well, now I know! What we wouldn’t do to be able to hit that undo button and be restored to the way we were! Anyways, the more I read about cases sprouting up everywhere, the more convinced I was that, man, this is freakin’ serious, and umm, so I bought some masks when I happened to be at a pharmacy in early January.

Round about that time too, I stopped attending group events and some people laughed at me, saying I was overreacting. Well, okay, laugh all you want, I’ll even laugh with you if you like ha ha ha. And yes, you can call me whatever you like but I’m a big girl, and I’d like to use my own judgement and set my own priorities if you don’t mind, thank you. Me being so direct and saying stuff like this, no matter how sweetly packaged, never goes down well in this culture 😛 . Well, whatever *shrugs*!

As the days in hibernation wear on, I’m getting tired of reading the news and looking at the numbers. It’s tempting to take them at face value but numbers can be very deceptive. Without tossing them into that food processor upstairs, it’s easy to be fooled into thinking that soon, we’ll all be dancing down the street to our favorite food places and gorging ourselves silly. Nope, not yet, not by a long stretch.

Then, of course, there’s the fact that I’ve long suspected that this disease is airborne. Seems like it’s only recently that there’s been talk about this. Well, I’m obviously no doctor (tho’ I’ve once been asked by a random stranger if I was one; me? do I look like one? rotfl) but this is a respiratory disease, ain’t it, so why shouldn’t it be airborne? It’d be logical, maybe even scientific, to assume so. That’s why I say wearing a mask is important, not just to avoid the droplets expelled from coughs and sneezes but also the germs that are released by the droplets into the air.

So coming back to my bowl of steaming hot noodle soup. To be honest, I was starving after my grocery run on March 1 but didn’t know what to eat simply because that germophobic food processor upstairs was on overdrive with lots of questions but no answers. Finally, I figured the safest thing to eat would be a bowl of soup so scalding hot that even the virus would see it fit to social distance itself from 😆 .

But all jokes aside, I really don’t care about the eating out, that can wait. What’s most critical right now is finding a cure so that the suffering of everyone affected and involved can end, precious human lives can be saved and the world can go back to some semblance of sanity. This is my constant prayer. And so, as always, be sure to stay home, stay there, and don’t forget to wear a mask if you’re going out!

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