A day in hibernation

Hey, it’s Day 16 of my self-imposed hibernation and Day 11 of the stay-home-and-stay-put-or-else order. How’s everyone doin’? Sixteen days of not leaving the house (except for that supermarket sprint) is a record, even for a nerd like me. Maybe it helps that I’ve had a bit of practice. So what have I been up to?

Well, I try to get to bed early so I can be up early and get an early start. Wait, did I just use ‘early’ 3 times in the same sentence? Man, my vocab’s definitely getting stifled due to the lack of fresh air. So my day starts with reading the sutras. There’s 10,000 of them to get through so that’ll keep me going for a while. I read a handful a day to give myself time to reflect on them. After that, I hop, skip and jump around to my favorite world news sites for the latest virus updates and that’s my workout for the day.

Oh, and speaking of which, I would like to thank my well-meaning friends and chat groups for obsessively flooding my phone with tons of garbage updates and videos every day. Since I don’t read or watch any of it, I just close my eyes and delete everything wholesale, and if my tummy’s growling, I just hit clear chat to save a bit of time. But thank you all the same, thank you for wasting my time 🙄 .

Lunchtime, I bumble downstairs to make myself a very simple lunch, usually a sandwich, a fruit and a hot drink. There’s nothing like sipping a cup of steaming hot coffee when it’s 106F outside while those beads of sweat are converging into rivulets streaming down the sides of your face as you’re trying to eat mindfully. Epic fail most days, too hungry to eat slowly 😆 .

A day in hibernation

So it’s small, lackluster lunches for me. Nothing fancy. Just that this pandemic is deadly serious, and with the whole world at a standstill, supplies ain’t gonna last forever so this is no time for picnics and party food. I’m trying to conserve because it’s gonna be a long ride. At least, that’s how I look at it, so yeah. And I’m also eating less since I’m sitting so much.

I do get off my butt to work up a sweat, though it’s not as if that pool of sweat that’s been accumulating under my chair isn’t proof enough of how hard I’ve been working, and I haven’t even moved a single muscle yet at this point! My home gym is, umm, my exercise mat lol 😛 . But like I say, you don’t have to live in a gym or go outside to get fit.

And the most highly anticipated activity of the day: meditation. It’s true we can’t go outside but we can certainly go inside of ourselves to recharge our batteries and escape from a world turned upside down. It’s so nice to just sit there quietly, relax and cultivate some inner peace. I try to read a book before bedtime. I’ve got a little library of Buddhist literature sitting there screaming ‘read me!’. But I’m lucky if I can get through 2 pages before my eyes start closing of their own accord. Hmmph!

My day goes pretty quickly even without afternoon naps, phone calls and movies. In many respects, this lockdown has been good for my practice of a simpler, quieter life. What I hadn’t counted on was having the whole world keep me company in my practice. Thanks, guys 😉 ! And remember to stay home and be safe. It’s the only way we can win this war!

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