Supermarket Sprint

Hey guys, it’s Day 10 of my hibernation. In the early morning of Day 7, I skipped out of the house to the grocery store after realizing we were running low on fresh fruits and veggies. To be honest, I was in two minds. Do I wanna risk going out or should I just forget it? In normal times, going groceries isn’t even a conscious decision. But these aren’t exactly normal times, are they?

The day before I began my self-imposed hibernation, I’d decided, okay, this will be my last grocery run. After this, I’m just going to stay home for however long it takes this whole virus situation to blow over. Well now, it’s apparent that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, which means I really should go get some more fruits and veggies.

Time for a super-quick run before the store gets crowded later in the day. Aa-nd once again, it’s time to get geared up, duh! Grocery list, check. Surgical mask, check. Antibac wipes, check. Hand sanitizer, check. Ecobags, check. Man, I’m starting to feel like a pilot getting ready for takeoff! Oh wait, I don’t have a pilot’s license!

On the way home, since it was still early, I stopped by another grocery store for some items I couldn’t find at the first one. When I got there, there were already 2 lines of people waiting outside. I was like, wut? this is weird! why the lines? Uh-oh, that means another decision to make: should I get in line or should I turn around and leave? Funny how the sight of other human beings makes me wanna run these days. Be bold, I told myself, soldier on, do not retreat, you got this!

So I got in line, rather reluctantly, and obediently stretched my hand out to have hand sanitizer squirted on. Security was taking temperatures of people, and the auntie in front of me was barking at someone to stand 6 feet away from her. You go grrl, now that’s my kind of auntie!! She said 6 feet (2m), not 3 feet (1m), very good. I instantly turned round to the millennial standing behind me and gave her the Don’t-You-Dare Glare 😛 . No hard feelings, sweetheart. My message was very simply this…

*Sidenote: Remember this song? You should, if you’re an 80’s music buff like moi hahaha. Gotta love Sting. Hope this brightens your day in lockdown. Now come on, stand up and dance. You know you want to :wink: !

Okay, my turn next. Security pointed the thermometer gun at my head and announced my temperature to the whole world. Thanks, dude, now that everyone knows my temperature, can I just grab my groceries and get the heck outta here? On a more serious note, I think it’s great they’re making the effort, though temperatures may not be an accurate indication since some people may be asymptomatic *sigh*.

So there I was, doing my now-infamous Supermarket Sprint, something I’ve been practicing over the past month or more so I can get in and get out within the shortest time possible. Yup, maybe they should include this in the Olympics. At any rate, I wasn’t out for very long. Just glad to be home sweet home. Home is the safest place to be right now.

But there’s still work to do. No escaping the mandatory washing and disinfecting. Duh, here we go again! Wipe down and disinfect everything, drat check. Shower and wash hair, check. Dump clothes into laundry and press start, check. Make a huge glass of ice cold yujacha (Korean citron tea), 맛있다! Crawl back into cave and carry on hibernating.

Stay home and stay safe, everyone!