Social Distancing

The friend

So yeah, I’ve officially gone into hibernation. After a whole month of bulk shopping for the apocalypse, I couldn’t wait to get off my feet and crawl into my cave. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I’m a diehard bulk shopper even in normal times, even more justifiably so now. Side joke: Took a quick peek into my storeroom the other day and yup, those packs of bathroom tissue from my 2013 stockpile are still there sitting pretty, I kid you not! Back when I had three school-going kids, it was my mission in life to ensure we were always well stocked – always – never to run out of anything from pencil lead to recess food to, you guessed it, bathroom tissue! So there you go!

Okay, so while the world’s been lining up for groceries and snatching up toilet paper (such an ugly phrase!), I’m on Day 6 of my self-imposed hibernation. That’s right, haven’t left the house at all in almost a week, and now, oh look, we’re on lockdown – finally! Yup, that’s the word. Seeing as how dire this virus situation is right now, it’s counter-productive to call it anything else for the sake of not causing alarm. We need a word that wakes people up and shakes them up! Me? I’m like, lockdown? This has pretty much been my life since I got laid off my unpaid job of running Mom’s taxi, and let me tell ya, this sure beats sitting in traffic in the blazing afternoon heat!

Social Distancing
I’m officially naming this flower SocialDistancingia (lol)!

Meanwhile, it’s multitasking as usual for me. Every day, I’m camping out with my laptop while enjoying Mother Nature’s Spa and Sauna (hey, it’s free, why not?)… and you know, just chillin’ and social distancin’ like it’s in vogue… ’cause hey, it’s not like we have places to go or people to meet, right? Duh! Y’all know one of my pet peeves is ranting about people who have no concept of personal space. If someone stands too close to me, my reflex is to move away. When I hear someone cough or sneeze, my instinct is to hold my breath, turn my face away and flee-ee! Does this mean I could well have been a social distancing champion long before social distancing was even a thang lol?!!

Well, to me, all this staying home and socially distancing isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m not a particularly sociable person to begin with. But I know lots of folks are groaning about not being able to go out shopping and eating. I tend to look at this as a rare opportunity to enjoy being home and being with yourself. You may or may not agree with me but I think, too often, we depend on external factors and other people to make us happy. We think we can only be happy when we’re out there with other people, talking, eating, going places.

Rarely do we look inside of ourselves for happiness. I happen to think that happiness is something you can find within yourself, if you know where to look. By spending more quiet time with ourselves, we could learn to appreciate solitude, become our own best friend, and find inner peace and happiness in the long run. But first things first, if we’re going to be stuck in social distancing mode in the foreseeable future, I think the safest person in the world to hang out with right now would be the ‘friend’ right here inside us. We can stay home and won’t even need anyone else for company. How convenient at a time like this!

And now, if you’ll excuse me, me and my ‘friend’ are outta here! Goin’ straight back into my cave! Be sure you stay home and stay safe, peeps!