How did we even get here?

And so for the nth day in a row, I’m sitting at home like a good girl, my nose in books, reading, writing, taking the odd afternoon nap (read: dozing off in this ridiculous heat and humidity, we’re talking 106, 109F, babies!), sipping tea, meditating and generally bumbling around the house in slow motion.

For over a month now, I’ve only left the house to run (literally) essential errands, and even then, during off-peak hours on account of this pesky coronavirus. Well, there’s that, and there’s the hassle of having to wear a mask which I can’t wait to fling off by the way ’cause man, is it stuffy inside!

Not that any of this is new to me, except for that mask. These are things I do on a regular basis – like placing a plastic bag over shopping cart handles (no antibacterial wipes provided at the store entrances here), reaching for my hand sanitizer after touching money and stuff, yeah, the idiosyncrasies of being a germophobe!

Now there’re all these additional precautionary steps. Wipe down everything that’s been out with me when I get home, wash and disinfect everything I touched, wore and bought including my handbag, wallet, cellphone and surfaces where my shopping bags and items have sat, you get the picture. Gah, way to level up that OCD!

I rarely stop for my little post-grocery solo lunches anymore. Now I have my grocery list in hand, hit the store, grab whatever I need and go straight home! No more hovering over my fave food, sipping iced coffee and reading a book at leisure. That was then, this is now. How did we even get here?!

Well, no matter how we look at it, this virus outbreak is not funny *sigh*. Last month, I had to opt out of a meditation retreat I’d been highly anticipating for a whole year (imagine that, a whole year!). While I wasn’t too happy about that, there was no way I was going to be cooped up in a hall full of people for more than a week either.

I’ve essentially stopped going to group events since the beginning of February, and recently even to shopping malls, restaurants and coffee with friends. Until more is understood about this virus, I believe it’s best to err on the side of caution. Well, that’s just me, I’m definitely staying home 😛 . Take care and stay safe, everyone!