Happy Thanksgiving from my head

Thanksgiving Day is here again. So far, in all the years that I’ve blogged about Thanksgiving, it’s always been about roasting the turkey and having a meal we’ve all come to love in this family. Thanksgiving has a special place in my heart because of all the wonderful memories I have of celebrating it during my university days in the US. Along the way, I’ve even learned to roast my own turkey and cook all the trimmings as well 😛 .

This year, in lieu of a roast turkey meal, I’m celebrating Thanksgiving in my head. Again. It’s okay. When you have so many beautiful and aromatic memories, you can have your ‘turkey’ and eat it too. And because there’s no cooking involved in virtual Thanksgivings, I can sit here and chat about my thoughts on gratitude.

First off, gratitude isn’t ‘a demand for payback for what someone has done for you’. In fact, gratitude is simply being appreciative of and thankful for what the people in your life have done for you because they love you and care for you. We’re not even talking about things or money to be repaid (love ain’t for sale) but simply of saying ‘thank you for being in my life’, of appreciating and being there for one another, and knowing we’re there to hold each other’s hand when it rains, and to laugh and sing together when the sun is out. Just something I was thinking about over lunch and decided to put it out there in this super short post 😛 .

Okay so, no matter how you’re celebrating Thanksgiving tonight, whether it’s at the table with family or in your head, like me, have a good one, guys! And try not to break the bank on Black Friday tomorrow 😛 .

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