Choo-choo me lunch

Choo-choo me lunch


Was last week National Oat Week? Sure seemed like. There were oat promos everywhere I turned. The bulk buyer in me couldn’t resist and made 2 separate hauls of 3 promo packs x 3 bags each. That’s 18 bags of oats in total if you do the math.

When faced with unfamiliar imported brands, I simply go for the one with pretty packaging 😆 . I’m shallow like that 😛 . And speaking of pretty, the oats definitely were not. They turned into mush after sitting around for a while in my coffee.

So I hauled half the lot back to the store to exchange them for a hardier variety and yup, you guessed it, ended up stopping for a bit of lunch. Hauling a huge ecobag of 9 bags of oats on my shoulder across a parking lot and up an escalator can be quite a workout and bang, just like that, all my breakfast calories were effectively torched.

Time to refuel at a nearby eatery I’ve been eyeing for weeks. Oh, booth seats! Generally speaking, booth seats can be quite a squeeze but since I was alone, it worked out great. My accidental lunch partner aka Big Heavy Bag of Oats had its own seat across the table from me.

It was still early with only a few diners inside and the friendly staff, bless him, hung around to enter my order into the tablet for me. Aah, so nice to be pampered!. Even better that it saved me having to touch that germy screen bwahaha.

A short while later, a chirpy but annoying song heralded the arrival of this lil choo-choo train with my lunch on board …

Choo-choo me lunch

Word of warning, you have to be quick about transferring those bowls to your table, otherwise the train might leave the station before you’re done. That didn’t happen to me, of course, but the lady behind was glued to her phone and managed to grab only one of her bowls before the train choo-choo’ed merrily away with the rest of her lunch.

Now back to my own lunch. Lookee here! A flower blossoming out of slices of salmon. A perfectly halved egg. A bowl of cheerful colors. Talk about presentation and visual appeal. If this doesn’t activate your salivary glands, I don’t know what will. I couldn’t wait to dive in.

Choo-choo me lunch

Yup, just the right amount of teriyaki salmon rice to which I added loads of not-zingy-enough wasabi, still tasty though, washed down with not-too-salty miso soup and green tea. Aw man, stuffed! what a happy lunch 😛 !

Choo-choo me lunch

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