Don't gimme that pancake face

Don’t gimme that pancake face

My car radio is almost never on. In the years my minivan was mom’s taxi, I had it off for fear of my impressionable passengers picking up mispronunciations. And even now when I’m driving alone, I have the volume turned off. On occasion, the radio does come on for a few seconds while I’m struggling to plug in my K-pop music.

Imagine my utter and complete surprise when one day, just within those few seconds, a PSA comes on the air calling on people to hold the door open for the people behind them instead of, you know, making pancakes out of their faces! Fine, not in those exact words but still it made me roar with laughter.

Don't gimme that pancake face
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I couldn’t believe my ears. Wow, am I hearing this right? This is exactly what I’ve been saying for yeeaaars. Maybe someone did hear me after all!! Seriously, do people have to be told stuff like this?! Yes. But isn’t that common sense? Yes but… s-shhh *leans closer to whisper* I heard not everyone has it, I think they call it CSDS. Umm, what’s that? Common Sense Deficiency Syndrome. Oh I see, hmm 😕 .

Yup and it’s common courtesy too, ya know, like I hold the door open for you, you hold the door open for me. What’s so hard about that? It’s like, say, giving up your seat to the elderly or pregnant, or offering your table near the door to a disabled person. Stuff like this should be pretty automatic, kinda like a reflex maybe? No?

Hmm, maybe! Maybe if you took a selfie in your fancy OOTD holding the door to your diamond mine open and stuck it on IG, folks might read it as a thing, and then who knows, the world might suddenly start holding doors open for each other!?! Now that would really be something!

Personally when I hold doors open, I’ve learned to do it with no expectations so I don’t inadvertently set myself up for, you know, the disappointment of people walking right through, pretending they don’t see me, as I’m standing there holding the door open for the rest of my party to catch up. Which, by the way, happens. a. lot… and mind you, not one word of thanks either!! Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m standing here for the sole purpose of holding that door open for you!!! Sometimes snarky me would turn around and loudly thank them instead!

And of all the times I’ve held the door open for someone, there’s always that one opportunist who would rush forward to narrowly slide in ju-ust before that person reaches the door, and yet never have the common courtesy to say thank you.

That said, I’m thankful for those few incredibly nice folks who are kind enough to hold doors open for me. One or two have even wow-ed me by waiting for me to reach the door. That always makes my day. In a different place and time, I could always count on people to do just that, often causing me to break into a run so as not to keep them waiting.

The world is getting to be so crazy that hopefully it’s teeny tiny acts of kindness like these that’ll make it just that tiny bit more pleasant of a place to live in. As Ellen (of the DeGeneres fame) says, “When I say, be kind to one another, I don’t mean only the people that think the same way that you do. I mean, be kind to everyone.”

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