Answer of the Year 2019!

Answer of the Year 2019

While I was out and about, I suddenly recalled seeing a veggie place upstairs at the mall. So I trudged up there to check out the menu and when I got there, lo and behold, it has closed down lol. If I hesitate to mention how hard it is to find vegetarian food places in this city, it’s because I don’t want to dampen the spirits of anyone with dreams of becoming vegetarians.

So on I trudged to the only other veggie place I know of waa-aay over there at the other side of the mall (seriously, traversing the mall from one end to the other can be a workout in itself). Well, it was empty, so I seated myself at a table inside, only to be told that the restaurant won’t open till 11:30a. No way I’m going to waste an entire 30 minutes, dude, I got better things to do.

With no other option, I kept walking, surveying eateries on both sides to see if any jumped out at me. I was walking behind an auntie when she took a side step into an eatery I’ve never eaten at. But being in a whatevs mood, I thought, why not let the auntie decide, so I stopped to look at their menu. After flipping through it for the nth time, I figured it’d be quicker to just ask said auntie “So what’s good here?” and her answer?

wait for it…


Wut?? Wow, that was too profound, even for me. Does Not Compute! Does Not Compute! this error message beeping wildly on my mental screen. For fear of my CPU crashing, I aborted the processing, found a table, sat down and ordered this.

Answer of the Year 2019!

I know your eyeballs are zooming in on ’em fishballs and fishcakes, and you’re getting an error message: Non-vegetarian! Does Not Compute! Well, you’re right, I settled because I honestly could not stomach another salad or lemongrass meehoon. My vegetarian diet isn’t cast in stone, it’s just my tiny way of showing compassion for the animals that are sacrificed so we can make a feast of their meat. So I do excuse myself when the occasion calls for a break in my diet 😉 .

And you know, this curry noodle turned out better than what I expected. These days, to avoid disappointment, I try not to have any expectations of anything or anyone lol. This curry noodle soup was quite alright which means my CPU didn’t do too bad a job processing that auntie’s complex answer.

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