All hazed out

All hazed out

I’m not much of a current affairs person but just to give you an idea of what I’ve been up to – I bet you’re just dying to know, aren’t you? – yup, I’ve been all hazed out, not from smoking anything I shouldn’t be smoking 😉 , mind you lol. In fact, you don’t actually have to be actively smoking anything at all to get this kind of strange ‘high’ these days. All you have to do is breathe. It’s that simple!

And breathe, we must. Otherwise I wouldn’t even be here to tell the tale. I’ve been doing most of my breathing at home though. That’s right, I haven’t been out of the building in 6 days, if you can believe that! My poor car must be crying, why the heck hasn’t anyone come to crank me up in a whole week, I’m feeling awful lonely out here, I want my mommy!!

Truth is as long as there’s food in the house, there’s really nowhere I want to be. For one thing, I’m told the N95’s are sold out. So there goes my secret hope of playing mysterious undercover heroine, darn! Then there are the eat-out options which for a budding vegetarian are hazy and far between. This is only the third month of my vegetarian stint and already I’ve run out of options long ago.

While I appreciate the well-meaning suggestions to go to organic restaurants to feast on organic curry noodles and whatever else, I haven’t bothered. If anyone can convince me that stuff is genuinely organic when they say they are, and not just some label with the word organic printed on it, maybe I will. That’s just me. I do my research.

Well, today is probably a good day to dehaze (new word!), ya know, poke my head out from beneath the surface and give it a good shake. Aah, I can see clearly now, sorta!? *cough cough* Held my breath, jumped into my car, gave my baby’s dash a pat and a slimy kiss and off we went to see the world mall. Only to be greeted with disappointment.

You mean I haven’t been here in 6 whole days and nothing has changed?!! I thought I told  you to clean up the place and bust out the vegetarian spread. Okay, time to go home!!

Nah, I stayed for lunch after a mini grocery run of bananas, eggs, veggies and some weird *ss grain-infused soy drink I’ll only tolerate till my vegetarian stint is over. Oops, did I let slip some colorful lingo 😛 ? As for lunch itself, there was a sorta familiar feel about it but my memory is hazy so I could be wrong.

All hazed out