Soups and Mrs Wheelch

Soups and Mrs Wheelch


This is another one of those instances when I decided to try a restaurant that I’ve walked past a gazillion times and completely ignored. I’m a huge risk-taker these days lol mostly because I’m running dangerously low on PEARs aka Picky Eater Approved Restaurants. That and the fact that I was ravenously hungry after a lackluster grocery run.

So we were shown to the table nearest the door because I had an 82-year-old teenager with me. Remember her? As we sat waiting for our food, a middle-aged lady pushing her husband in a wheelchair showed up and asked to be seated. The restaurant isn’t very big and I could see the challenge of maneuvering the wheelchair through the tight spaces between tables to one that’s farther back.

Without a second thought, I heard myself offering them our table. It sounded like Mr Wheelch might’ve declined, I’m not sure. But I told him/them that it’s fine, the table beside us was empty anyways so yeah, me, Teen82 and her walking cane, were okay sliding over. Mr Wheelch thanked us and I chirped back: think nothing of it, happy to help.

Mrs Wheelch, still wearing the same sullen look she had when she walked in, said nothing and refused to even make eye contact with me. Oh well! we all have our bad hair days, I guess. I glanced at her hair and yup, it definitely needed sprucing up 😛 . Not that my hair was anywhere near perfect, it almost never is. I have my tomboy days when I look like I’ve been in a hurricane and I couldn’t care less.

By the way, where’s my food?

Okay, it’s here, the set lunch I ordered. The dessert came first. Some kind of sweet soup which I mistook for the herbal soup and started slurping down right away, much to Teen82’s horror 😯 . That’s the dessert! she screamed. Heck, if the dessert is a soup and the soup is a soup, how am I supposed to tell the difference??!

Soups and Mrs Wheelch

I have no idea what possessed me to order this sang meen (crispy egg noodles) with fish fillet. Sure I’m a sucker for noodles and anything fish fillet but the sight of them drowning in that pale translucent gel (I don’t know what else to call it) was very off-putting. Oh wait 💡 maybe I could use some of that gorgeous gel to fix up my scruffy hair so I can strut out looking like a supermodel huh?!

Soups and Mrs Wheelch

Minutes later, Mrs Wheelch’s order came and I noticed she’d ordered the exact same thing!! What a laugh! She could probably use some of that gel for her hair too, if she’s up for it lol! I immediately asked for fresh birds’ eye chillies to help me get through this plate of noodles, yikes! Minutes later, I heard Mrs Wheelch asking for the exact same thing! What a shameless copycat 🙄 !!

No, no, I have nothing against Mrs Wheelch. I’m just having a bit of fun 😛 . She’s probably a really nice person, just tired and edgy from the demands of looking after a disabled husband. I think we can all relate to days when we’ve been pushed to our limits and lost our smiles as a consequence. No matter the circumstance, be kind to yourself, even if others will not be kind to you.

I glanced over at Teen82’s order and shed a silent tear. Man, her rice looked so-oooo good… compared to my noodles. Only problem was they forgot to chop up “that tree” aka ridiculous length of bok choy for her, so I got to eat her tree 😛 . She polished off her entire bowl of rice along with that tender, denture-friendly chicken and paper-thin Chinese sausages after mixing it all up with what she says was a most delicious sauce (see lower right corner of pix below). So envious!

Soups and Mrs Wheelch

For me, the best part of lunch was the double-boiled herbal soup. So flavorful, so soothing. Almost too good to be true with 2 pieces of fall-off-the-bone pork ribs and a treasure trove of herbs. Aaaah heaven! I shamelessly sucked every last nanodrop of soup off each piece of strange-looking bark I found and slurped up the entire bowl of soup, even as it became more and more salty towards the end!

Soups and Mrs Wheelch

Wow, that was A LOT of liquid for one sitting – a whole bowl of soup plus a whole bowl of sweet dessert soup plus a huge glass of Chinese tea! Someone needs to sign up for HowToPairDishesForSetMeals101 next semester. Oh by the way, did you happen to see a barrel with slicked back hair rolling by? Yup, that was me!!

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