A most random surprise

A most random surprise

So we’ve got these beautiful days of haze, clouds and rain, at times torrential, to block out the sun and ramp up the humidity, ensuring your complexion stays fair and your skin hydrated. Oh what joy to be sitting at your computer, as I am, with beads of perspiration trickling ever so gently down your temples like precious pearls off a swan’s back. Dainty days to be a woman indeed!

And speaking of being a woman, is it Women’s Day or Mother’s Day yet? I’m kinda fishing for an excuse to celebrate. Wait, never mind those, they’re too commercialized anyways. I don’t need any excuses. All I needed was one such afternoon of thunder booming and rain looming in the heavens above to decide heck, why don’t I surprise myself with a gift? to myself!? Haha, how random is that?!

Yeah but if YOU’RE the one buying the gift, how can it be a surprise any more?

I hear you. Let me put it this way. Life would truly be sad if slapstick were the only thing that’s capable of tickling your funny bone. I’m all for a bit of intellectual humor here and there. So just humor me this beautiful baby…

A most random surprise

… in the softest and coolest of pinks somewhere oh between berry and fuchsia, I’d say. Maybe. But I’ll be honest, I don’t know what color this is. There’s no description, only a character code. You’d think they might at least hire someone to sit there and cook up some romantic names for these poor lipsticks.

Admittedly, this picture doesn’t do it justice and it’s all because of my I-don’t-give-2-hoots-about-the-lighting attitude. If I were to describe this in words though (I love words, have I mentioned this?), I’d say it’s somewhat closer to a purple than a pink. If you can’t see it, just imagine it 😛 .

Yup, love everything about it, down to the case – that coarse texture mimicking black denim and a hem stitch running all the way through the middle and around the top and bottom circumferences. So sweet in a rough-and-tumble sort of way. Hey me, excellent choice, thanks for the gift 😉 !

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