Unidentified flying grain toasts

Unidentified flying grain toasts

So having gone meatless for oh maybe a month or more, I’ve noticed one thing. Meatless days seem to definitely have a deja vue feel to them. More often than not, I find myself having trouble recalling when I ate what and/or distinguishing between the meals I had on different days.

Did I eat 2 slices of grain toast with coconut jam and butter for lunch

(A) yesterday afternoon?

(B) last Tuesday afternoon?

(C) two Monday afternoons ago?

(D) all of the above

And the correct answer would be…

D, of course.

Omg, why? Why is this happening to me? Could this be *insert horror movie music* the dreaded meat withdrawal symptoms my butcher was trying to warn me about? Why can’t I tell the difference between what I ate from one day to the next? HE-Eelp!

For all the suspense and terror this invokes, the answer is surprisingly simple.

Because I freakin’ eat the same thing every day.

See, there? What did I tell you? No-brainer, right?! That’s right, I’ve been eating the same thing every day for, omg, I can’t even remember how long! No wonder I’ve been having strange recurring dreams of unidentified flying grain toasts zooming in from faraway planets and hovering over my tummy, one coming in for a vertical landing while the other is forced to make a crash landing!! Yikes!

Unidentified flying grain toasts

Okay, okay, instead of making fun of these insanely delicious slices of toasted grain bread slathered with coconut jam and exploding with blobs of melty butter, I really should be thanking them for keeping me alive. Day in, day out, these have been the mainstays of my at-home lunches. Man, look at that butter! Excuse me while I lick my screen, I’ll be right back!

Okay, I’m back. So about the haam yoke jung (or savory glutinous rice dumpling in Cantonese) – this was the gem I stumbled upon at the vegetarian shop where I regularly go to buy my vegetarian takeaways. Maybe stumbled isn’t quite the right word. I see them all the time at the checkout counter but I always ignore them because well, that’s just me, can’t explain it 😛 .

Unidentified flying grain toasts

But seeing as how badly I’m in need of more than a little variety in my lunches, I finally bought one to try. Just one. Because frankly, I have my doubts. But surprise, surprise! If not for it being high sodium, its flavor was very intense and I was happy to find it dotted with dried shiitake mushrooms, black-eyed peas and even a whole chestnut. Now I can’t wait to go buy some more, yup, before those flying toast dreams turn into nightmares, get what I’m sayin’ 😉 ?