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5 ways to stave off random hunger pangs

Remember the day I went carb-less and it ended up with countless trips to the kitchen for me? Yup, that was a needless experiment but one that proved nevertheless that life without carbs can indeed be harrowing. Recently I tried to go embarked on an expedition of a different kind, ah yes, the meatless kind, and fully expected to be feeling famished half the time. But surprise, surprise, it’s been quite manageable so far.

Manageable in the sense that I haven’t had to make quite as many trips to the kitchen between meals as I’d thought. And that’s good, right? Yup but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been crazy hungry at odd hours of the day. Duh! So how have I been staving off those hunger pangs between meals?

Chug some water

This isn’t the most effective way, of course. Let’s face it, how long can a few chugs of water last? For me, maybe 10 minutes but sometimes 10 minutes is better than nothing. So I’m chugging a few while waiting for lunch time and/or dinner time, and basically all throughout the day though definitely not to the extent of the 8×8 (2 liters a day) rule, non believer here!

Suck on candy

This is a nice little sugar fix but only as a last resort. I don’t like candies but I have a few in my bag, not that I actually eat them. Usually they sit there for years until they and their wrappers become one in holy matrimony bwahaha. But they’re there, in case I get hungry or thirsty – something that dates back to life in Corporate Tower when my pastime was sitting in traffic jams.

These days, if I’m too hungry and can’t sleep at night, I would suck on an ancient expired candy. Which I wouldn’t mind so much if I didn’t have to go brush my teeth again after I’m done. Duh! Once in a blue moon, if I’m too sleepy, I may waive the brushing, chug down some water instead and pray my teeth will still be there in the morning.

Borrow some snacks

This is not always an option. Because I’m not a snacker by nature, it’s unlikely I’ll have a stash of beloved bits and bites hanging around the place. Thankfully there are snackers in my household and I can always raid their supply of snacks, right? and no one needs to know!

Pop some fruit

Bananas are the first things I reach for because they’re easy – just peel and go! Any fruit is good and a few pieces can take me quite a ways. I guess as long as the tummy is distracted, it stops bugging you. It’s like throwing a bone to a dog to keep it quiet for a while.

Redirect your brain

There was a time when I considered myself something of a psychology buff (read: nowhere near an expert) and cleverly theorized that hunger is psychological. Granted hunger is very much a physiological need for all intents and purposes, my theory is that if you don’t think about food, you won’t feel hungry. To date, I still believe this to be true. To a certain extent.

So when my brain tells me the tummy is empty, it’s time to redirect it to something more fun and exciting than food. Such as deleting the tons of garbage in my chats which I never open or read – that’s always fun! Or trying to find lead refills for a beloved mechanical pencil I haven’t used since 1999 – arrggh!

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