What's moi having for lunch?

What’s moi having for lunch?


You must’ve heard by now. I turned herbivore. That’s right. It’s nice to take a break from meat. Imagine no heavy meaty stuff to weigh you down, only light breezy vegetation that makes you feel like a cow in flight. Shoo, you birds, make way for moi (pronounced moo-ah – get it? hahaha). Tis a moo-tiful feeling! If cows could fly! Wouldn’t that be something?

Now the question is, how have I been doing so far? I eat lunch outside after my grocery run. These days, my go-to is mostly this salad, yup, the one I eat with chopsticks. This is a no-brainer, of course – since I love it and I know where to find it, it’s my obvious first choice. But instead of adding on karaage or shrimp tempura, I choose to complement it with a piece of Japanese sweet potato tempura (see background).

What's moi having for lunch?

Another favorite of mine is vegetarian fried noodles. Carb freak that I am, any kind of noodles is fine by me but I’m partial to fried noodles featuring veggies inside and out, and an abundance of wok hei (or smoky flavor, in Cantonese). And hidden beansprouts are a bonus f’sure.

What's moi having for lunch?

At a birthday lunch (not mine), I went through the menu with a fine tooth comb and came up with *chan chan* fried rice. I asked for the anchovies to be left out and promptly gave away the Thai fish cakes (see background) which I was told were delicious, oh well! By the way, I missed seeing the ng choy (or water spinach, in Cantonese) in the menu picture so this is my fried rice – looks pretty but, oh well – again!

What's moi having for lunch?

Ng choy is a rather strange ingredient to use in fried rice and I’m quite averse to it. Growing up, I used to swim a lot and was often reminded that ng choy gives you cramps so till now, my first instinct is to flee. No offence, ng choy, it’s not you hehehe. With that, I moo-ve on boldly to fields of green. Hey, wait, I’m told the grass is greener on the other side. So which side now? Duh!

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