Within earshot of this lonely pasta eater

Within earshot of this lonely pasta eater

So this was the day before I gave up eating meat to become a short-term vegetarian. Clearly my Indian curry rice will have to wait. No problem, luckily I’m not your instant gratification kind of girl. Lately too, I’ve had my eye on the pasta at a Western restaurant we used to frequent. So I decided to head there instead. Pasta for my last carnivorous lunch – hey, why not?

So off I went to said restaurant. Long story short, I got there way past opening time not once but twice. The first time, there was not a single staff in sight, and the second time, I was just completely ignored. So I walked off, and came by a lunch special banner. Ordinarily I would’ve kept walking but that day, I stopped to check it out and saw a fusion pasta that looked kinda interesting.

Salted egg seafood pasta, hmmm! Salted egg has been all the rage but so far, I’ve managed to avoid falling into the bandwagon. This cynic wants to know where all those salted eggs came from all of a sudden. So yeah, although I was a little apprehensive about the salted egg, I decided to be courageous just this once and order it anyways.

Within earshot of this lonely pasta eaterr

What I hadn’t bet on was being seated right beside a young couple. My first thought was, why squeeze me into that tight corner when there are plenty of empty tables around? These days, however, I’ve learned not to question the wisdom of others but to just let things be. So after the indignity of scraping my hips between the two tiny tables to stumble headlong into the bench seat, I tried to look unfazed and composed 😆 for lunch…

… with the young couple at the next table. Praise the Food Gods, they weren’t a lovey-dovey couple but just two friends out having lunch so they were speaking in normal tones. I swear I wasn’t eavesdropping but being seated so close, I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation which was as interesting as my lunch.

Within earshot of this lonely pasta eater

Ah lunch, yes, pasta, how I’ve missed thee! I wasn’t sure though what to expect of marrying a very Chinese ingredient to an Italian dish but I have to say it tasted pretty good. The sauce was rich and creamy though just a tad too thick. The salted egg effect was light and barely there, and didn’t steal the limelight from the pasta.

So did my pasta impress? I have to admit I’m not easily impressed but I liked this pasta. And I liked the serving size though I couldn’t finish it all in one sitting and had to doggy-bag the rest for dinner. And with that, my vegetarian journey was all set to take off.