It ain't nice without the rice

It ain’t nice without the rice

Another weekend’s here which means I’ve been craving Indian curry rice for two months now. I just haven’t had a chance to go get my fix. Still I’m sure everyone’s relieved to hear I’m planning to ease off stuffing myself with the same old salads, and all manner of wantan noodles with roast meat or herbal noodles, incredible as those taste.

Nope, it’s gonna be Indian curry rice soon, I promise. So to get myself all pumped, here’s looking at my plate of rice drowning in curry with default cabbage stir-fry and deep-fried chicken from my last visit. What a feast for the eyes and tummy! Trust me, my keyboard is drooling as I type this *what?* .

It ain't nice without the rice

The curry is good with no sourish tang but it could be thicker and less diluted. The deep-fried chicken wing is delicious but not super crunchy. I don’t mind it because what’s more important to me is that nothing on this plate is overly salty. And food that’s not high sodium or diabetic is pretty hard to come by when eating out.

As for the rice, there’s a lot of it and I always gobble it all up, not a grain goes to waste *hohoho*. With all of my best intentions of eating less rice, Indian curry rice is often my undoing. I love rice. I’m not ashamed to admit it 😆 . These days, people eat only the dishes sans rice but honestly, does it taste the same without the rice?? Of course not! Who are we kiddin’ here? And whose bright idea was that in the first place? 😆

Eating just the dishes alone actually kinda sucks, if you ask me. I tried it once but I just can’t do it. Imagine eating pizza without the crust. Or a bowl of bitter gourd noodles without the noodles. Or a chicken pie without the pastry. Or worse, the icing without the cake. I don’t know. How’s that supposed to work?

Yeah, okay, some folks are going to stand up and tell me there are all these substitutes that can be used to un-carbify (did I just invent a new word?) everything and then it’ll work out just fine. Okay, great, I hear ya. I kinda see it differently though. I believe in the middle way aka eat what you want but don’t overdo it. Nothing in life comes easy, we just have to find the balance 😛 .

It ain't nice without the rice

Okay, back to Indian curry rice which is something that’s just got to be eaten with rice. There’s just no two ways about it. Quite frankly, I can’t see myself chomping merrily on a crunchy chicken wing between drinking curry from a cup with a straw, can you? Umm, NO, just NO!!!