Herbal chicken noodle soup, the real deal

That #herbal noodle #soup

I love it when menus come with photos of the food. At least it gives me some idea of what I’m getting. But photos can be misleading at best. A photo could look really good, leading you to false expectations when in reality, the portions will be smaller, items may be missing or replaced with inferior items and the serving nothing like the picture.

Or, and this almost never happens, the photo could look so meh that your eyes lose interest and simply skip over it in pursuit of other better-looking items in the menu. This is why I never thought to order this herbal chicken noodle soup.

While the word herbal typically sends my taste buds into overdrive, there’s always that teeny-tiny sliver of doubt creeping into my final decision. What kind of herbal is this – bitter, sweet, robust? Or fake, as in chucking a few measly bits of herbs into a huge big pot of salt water and passing it off as herbal?

That herbal noodle soup

One day, Hip2bDaughter ordered this herbal noodle. I had a sip of the soup and that was it! There was no turning back. This was, hands down, one of the best, if not the best, herbal noodle soup I’ve ever tasted, stat! I rarely use superlatives in my food descriptions because let’s face it, my standards are pretty high lol. But I’m making an exception here.

So how would I describe this bowl of noodles in one word? Well, for someone who loves words as much as I do, there’s simply no boiling any kind of description down to one word. But I’ll try. Dabomb. Genius. Stupendous. Out of this world (oops, there you go, that was 4 words). Well, okay, I tried.

Hmm, how about symphony? This herbal soup is a symphony of sweet, herbal and spicy (I threw in a bunch of raw Vietnamese bird’s eye chilies). There are sticks and slices of herbs, goji berries, a ton of enoki mushrooms and shredded roast chicken with skin on, and as for those skinny wanton noodles, they could be a little more al dente but at this point, who cares?

That herbal noodle soup

Well, words are just that – words. If only they could exude smell and taste as well, now wouldn’t that be something? Because I could go on and on if you don’t stop me now hohoho.

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