‘Em lil hotties

Ever noticed the random, sometimes partially hidden plates of hotties peeking out at you from my food photos?

'Em lil hotties

Red, green, jalapeno, serrano, bird’s eye. Raw, fresh cut, sauced, blended, curried, pickled. You name it, it’s all good! I mean, what’s a meal without some zing, eh?

'Em lil hotties

Growing up, I was trained at the prestigious Academy of Chili Kungfu high up in a hill above the city. Never mind which hill, just know that I lived and trained there for many years under the tutelage of the best fire-breathing chili gurus (aka my family elders). There I learned to eat and enjoy spicy food, growing from strength to strength and gradually becoming a guru myself (to my kids, that is).

So yeah, we’re a family of chili chompers. I eat chilies with everything. Even my kids have graduated to chomping on raw bird’s eye chilies (notorious for their killer heat) without batting an eyelid since their early teens. So then, how do you think I felt when I recently noticed this in my garden?

'Em lil hotties

Don’t look at me. I swear I don’t have the green thumbs for this. But apparently my Garden Elf has decided to surprise me with this prolific gift 😉 . Aren’t these the most beautiful little things you’ve seen? I don’t even mind that they’re green though I’m partial to the red ones simply because of their bright color. I’m shallow like that 😆 .

And now I’ll let you guys in on a little secret. The next time you’re having the sniffles and you’re looking for a way to arrest those a-chhoo’s and stop that drip, drip, drip, forget the flu meds.

Have some bird’s eye chilies instead. They’re packed with Vitamin C to kill those nasty sniffles dead in their tracks. This is from my own experience. I don’t know if it’ll work on everyone but I’d say it’s worth a try. Just be sure you have a fire extinguisher nearby. And don’t say you haven’t been warned!