Newly-minted Road Trip Warrior

Introducing the newly-minted Road Trip Warrior…

(mini drumrolls please!)

Yup, that would be moi!

I even have the swing top to prove it.

Yeah, so this has officially been the Year of Road Trips for me, the person who hasn’t been back to her original hometown in close to 2 decades. Well, okay, I now have a beloved adopted hometown so that explains it. When I’m there, I’m just raring to go every chance I got – road trips to Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Park, Red Rock Canyon (all of which are in California) as well as our usual shopping pilgrimages to Los Angeles and San Francisco/Bay Area.

This year, we ventured out into Arizona to the city of Flagstaff, the Meteor Crater, Grand Canyon (read about Day 1 and the surprise Day 2 here) and Walnut Canyon. Yeah, I know, I haven’t blogged about some of these trips. I might, one of these days, when I feel like I can go through my photo folders without bursting into tears, duh.

So then, from the number of times you’re seeing the words “national park” and “canyon”, you can pretty much guess that all of these road trips had to do with hiking, winding roads and getting back to nature which, on an ordinary day, isn’t something I’m particularly crazy about. Admittedly, there are only so many places on Planet Earth where you’d find me doing nature or road trips without a long face and fake smile which I don’t even bother to fake so it’s a real fake smile, get it? Hmm.

Yeah, I mean concrete jungles are great and the only kind of vacations I’ve done have always involved shopping and food, in that order. So for me, these back-to-nature kind of road trips are truly eye-openers. No retail therapy involved, only lots of hiking against breathtaking backdrops and that’s my newfound therapy for the soul.

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