The Grand Canyon, hi again!

After spending the day seeing the canyon from different angles and going on a self-tour at the Tusayan Museum hiking through the adjacent Tusayan Ruin to learn about how ancient American Indians lived in the Grand Canyon, it was time to bid the Grand Canyon goodbye.

The Grand Canyon, hi again!

On the drive back to Flagstaff, I was brimming with excitement about everything I’d seen and experienced that day but sad that we were leaving. Glad though that I’d had a chance to visit, there really is no easy way to say goodbye to a place like this. One day is honestly not enough. A part of me was crying inside. I wish we could’ve stay a little longer.

Over a delicious dinner at a Thai fusion restaurant in Flagstaff, we couldn’t stop talking about our day. Back at the hotel room while getting ready to pack and check out the next day, I finally couldn’t stand it any longer. I said, we have to go back there tomorrow, we didn’t drive aa-all this way to spend just one day there, we must stay one more night!!

But how? Our hotel was fully booked and couldn’t extend our room. So began the frantic phone calls to look for another hotel. Last-minute rooms are notoriously hard to find especially at the peak of summer and the rates are much higher. At some point, I said, to heck with the rates, let’s take what we can get. And that’s how we ended up moving to a very modest suite at the Marriott next door ahahahaha!

Completely energized and with a spring in my step, it was – Grand Canyon, here we come again!! – after a fashionably healthy hotel breakfast the next morning. This time, we rode the free guided bus tours taking us to various stops with even more exciting views of the canyon which we hadn’t seen the day before. We hopped on and off the bus, hiked on foot, had our lunch…

Okay, let me stop here and talk about a lunch that truly takes the cake! Sometimes we kid ourselves into thinking that the most expensive meals at the most exclusive restaurants are always the best meals. I say, far from it. I say nothing can beat this lunch – munching on simple sandwiches perched on rocks with the Grand Canyon spread out before you in full view. This is the ambiance you can’t get anywhere else. This is what I’m talking about!!

The other thing that’s truly mesmerizing about this place is its stillness and tranquility. You stand there and it strikes you that the air’s so still and quiet your ears are completely at peace. There’s complete silence. The air is completely still. Nothing is moving. Everything is still. It’s so peaceful, so tranquil, so calming. And that’s a strange feeling for me.

I can’t think of any single instance when my ears aren’t being besieged by the jarring sound of a vehicle going by, the voices of people calling out to their kids/pets, the persistent whirring of the fan or AC… Take all that away and there’s this silence, this stillness. If only I could sit there all day listening to the sounds of nothing! Wouldn’t that be grand!?!

Well, we’d spent the better part of the day hopping on and off those tour buses, hiking long distances on relatively safe trails and enjoying every bit of it. Peering down the side of the canyon all day, we’d been fascinated by the lines of teeny tiny people weaving along the narrow ledges like ants and we wanted to see what all that was about.

So we made our way to the Bright Angel Trailhead and mind you, we weren’t even going to be overly ambitious. All we wanted to do was walk a little ways down the first part of the sandy trail (which is pretty wide and safe) to where there’s a poster map, take a peek at where the trail leads and come straight back up.

But guess what happened?

The Grand Canyon, hi again!

We ended up hiking quite a lo-oong way down the narrow ledge sometimes coming a little too dangerously close for comfort. Yeah, it was scary because there were no rails, no bars, nothing, yeeow! I know, jelly legs, right!! We tried to keep close to the canyon wall and stopped for selfies and wefies only where the path was a little wider and safer.

Now that was kinda fun and exciting. Now I can say I’ve not only been to the Grand Canyon but hiked a little ways down into the canyon itself too and that, I consider, to be quite an accomplishment! So yes, Grand Canyon, it was great, you were great and so was I lol! Merry Christmas!

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