The Grand Canyon, just wow!

So after spending an entire afternoon at a 50,000-year-old meteor crater, we’re up and out the hotel first thing the next morning making the 1.5-hour-long drive from Flagstaff to an, oh 70 to 80-million-year-old canyon whose name can only be the Grand Canyon.

Meandering through the Kaibab National Forest and Tusayan, we let out gasps of wonder as each canyon came into view. Each canyon is breathtaking in its own way but what we didn’t know then was that these early canyons were merely a taste of what was to come.

When your heart’s pounding with excitement and you’re craning your neck out for the next amazing canyon to grace your windscreen, you don’t notice the many twists and turns, and then you’re right up there on the South Rim and the first of the Desert Views opens up before you like a page straight out of a geology textbook.

The Grand Canyon, just wow!

Now, if I were a character in a movie, this is the part where my jaw would drop and I’d be standing there in the wind holding on to my hat, eyes scanning and transmitting these images to my brain for processing (surely you can tell a geek wrote this pffft!) and all the time, my heart is racing and I’m speechless!

This is a view that’s impossible to see only with your eyes. It’s a view you inhale with your entire being. With each breath you take, with each quickened heartbeat, the enormity and complexity of this work of art sinks a little deeper into your soul and leaves you in awe and disbelief. Or at least that’s how it felt to me.

Some of you may say what’s the big deal? it’s only rocks, and some of you may think I’m over-dramatizing, and that’s okay. You can’t know how it feels unless you’re right there yourself. But trust me, it’s nothing short of awe-inspiring when you’re standing on the edge of this boundless beauty gazing at it, into it, and wondering how this place came to be.

When my university professor told the class about his hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, I certainly didn’t imagine it to look like this. Sure I’d seen pictures of the Grand Canyon even then but nothing can compare to soaking it all in with your own eyes. You look this way and that and still you can’t find where it starts and where it ends. Heck, this is only the South Rim. Maybe this canyon actually stretches into eternity.

We spend the day driving along the South Rim stopping at every viewing point to take in pieces of the canyon from fresh new angles. It’s truly amazing all these formations, shapes, layers, textures and colors Mother Nature has chiseled out and molded together over millions of years! How the heck did she pull this off?

The Grand Canyon, just wow!

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