Happy Thanksgiving from my head to yours

Once upon a Thanksgiving Day, I was clucking around in the kitchen like a crazy chicken prepping the turkey for roasting, setting a pot of water for making the best-darned mashed potatoes, putting my kungfu knife skills to the cabbage for my killer coleslaw…

Somehow it feels strange to be sitting here doing all of this clucking inside my head instead of in the kitchen. Thanksgiving has always meant a lot to me. Doesn’t matter if I don’t celebrate Chinese New Year (which I’ve missed for 3 years straight several times in my lifetime) but Thanksgiving, I’ve made it a tradition and never missed a beat.

This year, I’m in the desert and there’s no turkey in sight for miles so I decided to do the next best thing – pardon the turkey. Sure, I miss my home-roasted turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes, and even more so, since I started making even my own cranberry sauce and coleslaw from scratch in recent years.

What keeps me celebrating Thanksgiving is that it’s so much more meaningful than many other events I can think of. I don’t make it a habit to shout out the things I’m grateful for but rest assured, I do have a mental list swirling around in the cosmic universe inside my head.

Do I wish that more people were grateful for the things they have and for the people in their lives? Sure I do but hey! I’ve just had the most awesome homemade roast turkey feast – inside my head – to think of anything else! Hope you did too. Happy Thanksgiving from my head to yours!

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