Flagstaff and the meaning of blown away

The first thing I notice on the drive into Flagstaff, Arizona are the very tall trees reaching for the sky on both sides of the highway. There are trees everywhere – along the middle of the highway, on the distant hillsides and every way you turn. I can even smell the trees with all the car windows wound up. So beautiful!

Stepping out of our car, I’m literally blown away by the strong gusts of cold wind. Whoosh, there’s nothing more amazing than feeling the brush of cold wind against your face, I tell ya! And if you’ve ever inhaled a lungful of cold fresh air, you’ll know it, how it instantly awakens every cell and artery in your anatomy and brings your insides to life. Now that feeling is like no other!!

I’m standing there soaking it all in and then I hear this voice (could it be mine?) saying, omg, I wanna move here to Flagstaff. If the air tastes this crisply cold and fresh in the middle of summer at 7,000+ feet elevation, there’s gotta be something right about this place.

But first, the ‘treeful’ view from the window of our hotel room in Flagstaff…

Flagstaff and the meaning of blown away

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