Nourishing salmon oil hair treatment

If you were excited at the title of this post and you’re considering jumping on the nourishing salmon oil hair treatment bandwagon, read on to find out how you too can recreate this wonderful hair treatment in your own home. Ooh, this is exciting! I promise, your hair will thank you for it lol.

There I am looking in the freezer going eeny-meeny-miny-mo and there’s the salmon fillet jumping up and down going, “Pick me, pick me!” Okay, okay! So fried salmon in sweet and spicy sauce it is! Frying salmon, now that’d be interesting. I mean, how often do people fry salmon, right?

Nourishing salmon oil hair treatment

No, not deep-fry! Even shallow frying isn’t my first choice but I guess that’s part of the adventure of cooking. To go down the greasy path of oil splatters every now and then. Even if it means donning armor apron and arming myself with tongs, spatula and shield ala pot cover.

With a swoosh and a sizzle, the fillet hits the oil and starts singing the shallow fry song. That’s the very moment I went: Aa-aargh, there goes my freshly washed hair! Dang it, I knew I should’ve put my shower cap on!!

But for the love of food and cooking, I was willing to pretend that I was at the salon having my hair smoked or cooked or whatever it is people fork out a fortune for these days. Yup, it’s the salmon oil hair treatment, y’all – ever heard of it? No? What??! It’s the latest trend! I got mine for free and now my hair’s all shiny and smoky, see!!

Feeling like quite the glamorous chef now with my newly-done hair, I’m on to concocting the sweet and spicy sauce, which came out really nice and thick, by the way, and in abundance too.

Nourishing salmon oil hair treatment

To say that my fried salmon in sweet and spicy sauce was yummy would be an understatement. It was insanely good! I realized with glee that I had enough sauce to make this dish one more time. You mean you got that nourishing salmon oil hair treatment twice?!? You better believe it. If I keep doing this, I might even get myself a spot on a Clairol ad, shiny cascading curls and all *rotfl*.

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