Thanksgiving on Black Friday?

Oops, I’m late posting this. Busy, busy, busy. Well, this year’s Thanksgiving swept in and out like a whoosh. When friends invited us to spend Thanksgiving with their family, it meant throwing our own Thanksgiving dinner to the backseat, yup, to very late Black Friday. Strange, I know, but shopping comes first, food can wait.

Yup, people, you gotta get your priorities right. Black Friday waits for no one. So we headed out to the stores early Friday morning to join in the shopping frenzy. This is the first time we’ve done this and it was fun. But we came back with only one bag of gifts for friends and nothing for ourselves *sad face*. But all is not lost. There’s always online shopping, right? So you know where I’ve been.

Since we chose to cook the entire dinner ourselves, pretty much, I can tell you the kitchen was a hive of activity. With all the running back and forth between kitchen and computer, you would expect some delay and lack of focus in the cooking and roasting. But apart from that, everything went smoothly and the dinner gong sounded right on the stroke of 7:00.

Thanksgiving on Black Friday?

Our roast turkey was a little under-roasted, I know! No doubt, the result of paying more attention to shopping than roasting lol. Well, that + the fact that we didn’t want it overly charred + we were so hungry we couldn’t wait. But trust me, it tasted ama-azing!


Twas a simple meal with no room for dessert. Everything here – mashed sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, my tricolor coleslaw (so pretty!) and the best gravy ever – is homemade except for the stuffing.

Thanksgiving on Black Friday?

If there’s one thing you’ve probably noticed by now, it’s that I don’t give two hoots about my food photography. I mean, when your tummy’s growling and your hands are shaky, you can forget about pretty pictures. This is what I call organic photography. It’d be nice spending hours arranging everything on fancy table mats for those glamor food shots but that’s not me. So excuse me, I’m hungry, I just wanna eat *rotfl*

Have a great rest of the long Thanksgiving weekend. Drive safe!