Thanksgiving menu planning, check!

Hey, Thanksgiving week is here and I’m happy to report I’m ahead of schedule with my menu planning! How did that happen? Well, I got off my butt and went shopping earlier than usual. Simple as that!!

Aa-and I have a turkey in my shopping cart to show for it, yay! Most years, my turkey has been much bigger and frankly, quite a weight-lifting challenge after it’s stuffed. This year, I have a modest 11-pounder.

Thanksgiving menu planning, check!

And speaking of stuffing, last year, I said I’d make my own stuffing this year since it’s pretty easy and I’ve done it before. But as I was making my rounds at the sampling booths, I tasted the stuffing they were giving out (same one I bought last year) and I was instantly reminded of how much I like the taste. So forget about making my own, let me just grab a box!

The cranberry sauce I sampled also turned out to be the same one I bought two years ago. Last year though, I found cranberries in the frozen section at $1.99 for like a 2-pound bag which I grabbed without so much as batting an eyelid to concoct my own sauce. This year, I’m going to continue the tradition of making my own cranberry sauce which tastes really good and will have more natural goodness if I cook it myself.

To complete the meal, I made mashed potatoes last year and a romaine salad which proved to be too much for one sitting. I mean, Thanksgiving is a huge, huge meal that’s eaten over several meals. So I’m trying to scale it down this year. The mashed potatoes will stay but I’m changing up the salad for homemade coleslaw instead. So that’s going to be interesting.

So are you ready for Turkey Day? *winks*.

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