Fish and chips that tickle

… our fancy, that is. Yes, we may just have found a fish and chips joint that we can wrap our fussy lil tastebuds around. We’ve been trying to sniff out an alternative source to the amazing fish and chips we loved so much in Vancouver, Canada!

But sadly, that’s been a long and disappointing road and we’ve been hard-pressed to find anything that comes even close. This new fish and chips joint we found recently – well, it’s pretty good as fish and chips go, but no-ot nea-arly as good.

Still I guess we’re happy we have a place to satisfy the occasional craving for decent fish and chips. But to match the one we know and love, this batter would have to be a lot lighter and crispier, and it would have to be served with a huge heap of light tangy coleslaw. Unfortunately, it doesn’t!

Fish and chips that tickle

Ah, but that’s the thing about eating out, isn’t it? You can’t always have what you want and you can’t always have everything you like on it. You just eat what they serve you, then pay and leave. Hopefully the tab doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket as it oftentimes does, just that few like to admit they got ripped off.

Frankly, if fish and chips didn’t involve the oily business of deep-frying, I might be tempted to try it at home. But you know me, and you know how much I cherish an arm workout from the cleanup that comes afterwards. So yeah!

I guess we’ll continue to reminisce about the little fish and chips shop in Vancouver that we used to visit every week, sometimes a few times a week because it was within walking distance from where we lived, and their fish and chips is undisputedly the best.

Whenever the chef saw us file in past the open kitchen, he never failed to wave, smile and double up our order. If we ordered 2 pieces of fish, the waitress would bring us 4 and we’d be like, umm but! Only there were no buts with this guy. He obviously loved us and our business, and the strangest thing was, he wasn’t even the owner!

After a 15-minute walk in the wet, freezing winter, that hot-off-the-fryer fish and coffee was truly something we looked forward to. The fish was always fresh and crispy beyond crispy. We could have unlimited cups of coffee to warm ourselves up, and ya, we knew everyone there and ya, we miss you, guys!!!

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