Tomato soup, clear and simple

We have a soup on our family menu that’s called, very simply, ‘tomato soup’ . But this isn’t a soup made with tomatoes, tomatoes and tomatoes. That would be boring. It’s, in fact, a hearty combination of some fairly run-of-the-mill ingredients like carrots, onions, celery, chicken, sometimes pork and potatoes too.

So I’m not sure why it’s called ‘tomato soup’. It could be that the taste of the tomato is the most distinct. The soup itself is sweet from all the vegetables in it. But the tomato lifts it to a new level with its unmistakable tang which I find so comforting. So the star of the show here is really the tomato. The rest of you can sit down and be quiet!

Now I love cooking. Everyone knows that. But much as I enjoy dishing up tasty dinners like my poached/fried fish fillet and spicy buckwheat noodles that everyone spends all day looking forward to, I have my lazy days when, um, peeling my behind off this chair isn’t quite so easy. And here is where tomato soup saves the day, or the night as the case may be.

Historically, our tomato soup is served along with other dishes. But the way I see it, this soup is robust enough to stand on its own as a one-pot meal. It has no need to share the limelight with anything else. Yes, my humble tomato soup takes center stage.

Because this was to be a one-pot meal, I made a large pot with said veggies, country-style pork ribs and the one remaining pack of chicken wings in the freezer.

Tomato soup, clear and simple

When it’s getting cooler like it is now, a bowl of hot soup over rice is such a comfort. All it needs is my mandatory freshly-cut jalapeno to kick things up a notch. Everything else is in there – meat, veggies and a whole lot of warmth!

Tomato soup, clear and simple

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