Homemade Big Breakfast gets fancy-schmancy

Surprise, we had Big Breakfast for lunch last Sunday. I like big breakfasts. Homemade, of course! If I didn’t know how to fry an egg, I might be tempted to order this outside. But putting together a breakfast in slow motion on a laid-back Sunday morning to the rustic smell of eggs and sausages sizzling away is, to me, an awesome way to start the laziest day of the week. So why wouldn’t anyone make this at home? *shrugs*

Well, big breakfasts are nice and all but I can’t help but feel they’re a little too heavy for breakfast. For lunch maybe. But that probably isn’t why restaurants serve them all day though. I’m guessing it’s for people who wake up at noon or after. I could be wrong but serving Big Breakfasts all day is probably to save these folks the embarrassment of stumbling in to find that breakfast is lo-o-oong over and they’d have to wait oh maybe another 17 hours or so before it’s available again.

Okay, back to our breakfast. We didn’t set out to buy tomatoes on vine but there they were, right out front at the grocery store, looking so plump and pretty. They’re more pricey than regular tomatoes probably because they’re ripened on the vine? But who cares, we bought them only for their looks!

Of course, if you’re cooking your own big breakfast, you can pretty much do what you darned well please. You’re free to make it even bigger and fancier than the restaurant’s. Ours featured spicy-mango-with-jalapeno smoked chicken sausage, egg, Portobello mushrooms, spinach and those good-looking tomatoes on vine. Bonus: 2 Californian grapes which you can’t get anywhere else lol!

Homemade Big Breakfast gets fancy-schmancy

The Portobello mushrooms were Hip2bDaughter1’s idea. I would’ve gone with the boring old white button mushrooms but she wanted to be fancy. And I’ll be honest, they were an excellent choice, not only because they tasted good but I mean, what’s a big breakfast with microscopic mushrooms? That ain’t right! The only mushroom befitting a big breakfast is an equally big Portobello.

The star of the show, however, was the spicy-mango-with-jalapeno smoked chicken sausage. Sausages are a rare treat for us, and another excellent choice by Hip2bDaughters. I was happily surprised by the taste of this sausage. It wasn’t salty like most. Instead it was sweet and juicy bursting with bits of mango and jalapeno. Devilicious!

Homemade Big Breakfast gets fancy-schmancy

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