The outback on a slice of bread

There are days when my weekday lunch could be as simple as buttering a slice of bread, not with your regular old butter, mind you, but with this nut butter, a gift from a friend. No one else in the Hip household cares for it. But I like it. Lucky me! This whole bottle is mine, all mine!

The outback on a slice of bread

This nut butter is kinda interesting. It reminds me of the barren Australian outback, all brown and peppered with bushes and boulders. I think that’s what it was but I slept through the entire 10-hour drive, so all I remember is a flash of brown.

So this nut butter, made with 7 nuts and seeds – cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, flax seeds, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds, is essentially the outback on a slice of multigrain bread. It’s creamy yet crunchy and peppered with coarsely chopped nuts. I mean, how else can I explain this without making it sound like ‘the bush’? I can’t. See? That’s what I mean.

The outback on a slice of bread

So there I was peeking into the bottle and thinking before I even tasted it, hey, maybe this could use a little regular butter on top of the nut butter. Huh?!! Seriously, what was I thinking? This ain’t jam, it’s butter with a ton of nuts in it, so why the heck does it need more butter? I have no idea.

All I know is that butter has this gravitational pull that I find impossible to resist. It makes these cute little blob-by faces at me and sucks me in till I go, okay, maybe just a little. Except just a little is never just a little. It usually ends up being one big blob and then, woah, the waistline is history!

So okay, forget the regular butter. I’ll just enjoy the scant sweetness and full-bodied nuttiness which is what makes this 7-nut butter so good. And that, for me, is a simple lunch with a cup of hot coffee to complement it, weather permitting.

(And for anyone who is wondering: No, I’m not getting paid to write this. Just to be clear, this bottle of nut butter is a gift from a friend.)

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