The end of living dangerously

So okay, enough of living dangerously. Our reality-show-inspired skinny grocery carts of the past two weeks have been interesting but for someone who’s used to stocking up for the Apocalypse on a weekly basis, I’ve been struggling through the week with my finger over the panic button.

Will we have enough food to last the week? Are we going to run out of onions, milk and bread before the next grocery run?

Well, run out of almond milk we did. No milk for cereal? No problem, we can have bread and jam. Oh wait, we’re out of bread too!! And we can’t eat jam by itself. So we ate our cereal dry or, in my case, doused in my morning coffee. How weird is that! Even weirder is that as a mom, I’ve never left us stranded without meals before!

Neck stretched out like a crane’s, desperate for grocery day, couldn’t wait. Came the weekend, we rushed to the store and piled our carts up high. Okay, not that high but high enough that we won’t have to go into panic mode again this week.

Almond milk – double pack, pasta – 3 boxes, yogurt – a big tub. shredded Colby Jack cheese – a big bag and a slab of Parmesan, not shredded,not grated but the real deal (woohoo!). Mushrooms, bananas, pears, tomatoes, onions, cauliflower, broccoli, chicken… now that’s more like it!

The end of living dangerously

And cereal, of course. Did I mention we’re down to our few measly spoonfuls and our oats won’t be arriving till next month? So hurry down the miles of cereal selections we did and I would’ve so picked this.

The end of living dangerously

Mini Wheats have long been my favorite! “Found it!!!” I declared victoriously. “Nope, you don’t want that, Mom. Look at the sugar!” Ooops, in my excitement, I’d only looked at the words, not the picture. Bah humbug! I eyed my Mini Wheats longingly but had to bid them a hasty goodbye.

Instead we picked out something new (to us though new and ever more exciting cereals are coming into the market every time we look) – the Cranberry Almond Crunch – and 2 bags of onion bagels (encore!), eggs, pears and garlic powder. And now we’re all set for the week!

The end of living dangerously

Lessons learned from living dangerously: If we’d been hoping to eat less by buying less, it doesn’t work because all that stress will fire up the appetite of a horse. Okay, fine, we could’ve eaten out but we didn’t want to, that’s all. If we’d been hoping to save money by buying less, it doesn’t work in terms of the time and gas money to run out mid-week for one or two items. So there!

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