That fishcake kimbap

When I started dabbling in homemade bibim naengmyeon (cold spicy buckwheat noodles), I had no idea it would lead so quickly to kimchi pancakes. But here we are, going to the k-mart twice in a week to replenish our kimchi and noodles. Because we’re that into Korean food right now. Yup, we’re eating or cooking something Korean almost every week. And fishcake kimbap is the latest addition to our list of likes.

At the k-mart, there’s a homemade food section where they roll out fresh ready-to-eat food items like banchan (side dishes), noodle plates, etc. The food items change daily so you never know what you’re going to find when you walk in on any given day.

There’s a sign on the front door informing customers about special food items they’ll be making, or bringing in from Korea or other cities. So it’s always exciting to go there and see what kind of surprises they have in store.

On our way out of the store after getting our supplies, we stopped to watch an older Korean lady making seaweed rolls at the homemade food section. Hip2bDaughters were fascinated at her skill and asked her a couple of questions.

The lady spoke little English but she was really trying. Somewhere within their brief chicken-and-duck exchange, Hip2bDaughters learnt that it was fishcake kimbap she was making, and that instantly brought on the oohs and aahs.

The lady then picked up a piece of kimbap in each of her gloved hands and reached out to Hip2bDaughters who were somewhat taken aback. “For us?” they asked. She nodded and gestured them to take the kimbap.

Little ol’ me who had been lurking in the background distracted by some nearby pastries also got a piece to try. It was so pretty I couldn’t resist taking a picture of it before popping it into my mouth.

That fishcake kimbap

It’s got yellow preserved radish (dabomb!), carrots, tofu and fishcake, of course. I told her in Korean that it was very delicious. At first, she didn’t believe I’d spoken Korean. She looked like she was having that knee-jerk reaction like, am I hearing right? So I repeated myself and she was like oooh, I still can’t believe it. Lol, I’ve been learning Korean for quite a while now. So yeah.

All the way home, we were raving endlessly about our first taste of fishcake kimbap. No surprise that we went back the very next day and got ourselves a whole tray.

That fishcake kimbap

I love that there’s not much rice in it unlike some sushi’s and maki’s. So good but I feel it could definitely use a good slap of mandatory wasabi to give it the kick I love. Still for $5 a tray of such deliciousness, I can’t complain. We’ll be back! For more!

That fishcake kimbap

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