Birth of a kimchi pancake

We were looking through old food photos and recounting the hot favorites at our weekly Korean restaurant. “Omg, that kimchi pancake looks so-oo yummy I wanna eat it right now,” Hip2bDaughter2 cries, threatening to print out the photo and eating it! No-oo-ooo!

Seems like we’ve all fallen in love with Korean pancakes at various points of our frequent Korean eat-outs. I mean, what’s not to love? They’re savory and crispy, very delicious, totally addictive. Problem is I have no freakin’ idea how to make a Korean pancake. I tried to once but that pancake fell apart on me and that was it, I said, no more homemade pancakes!

But here’s the thing, whenever my kids mention something they like to eat, I’d either take them out to eat it or I’ll cook it for them, even if it means having to learn how. That’s the kind of mom I am, and this is exactly what happened here.

Spurred on by those sad puppy eyes and the success of my homemade bibim-naengmyeon, I figured heck, I got this! Time to roll up those non-existent sleeves and dive straight into the batter. There’s no looking back now. And that’s how my first successful kimchi pancake came about.

Birth of a kimchi pancake

I wasn’t sure what to expect so I whispered to the pancake as it sizzled in the pan. “Don’t fall apart on me, don’t fall apart on me!” That apparently did the trick and my pancake turned out perfect and so delicious.

“Tastes just like the one we ate at …,” sings Hip2bDaughter2 happily. And that was the encore which got me making another kimchi pancake for dinner that night…

Birth of a kimchi pancake

… and another two more for lunch the next day which we gobbled up like savages while they were hot and crispy. Man, I gotta say this kimchi pancake was something else. It tasted authentic, is what I meant to say. It transported us right back to our weekly pa jeon sans the 700% markup. Score!