Some bones to pick

One fine Saturday morning, while on our grocery run, we had to appease some rumbling tummies and so unanimously agreed to forget the groceries for a while and hurry over to our regular Thai restaurant.

We ordered the fried fish curry (and one other dish but that’s not important right now). As the owner/chef was approaching with our order, I noticed she was holding a plate rather than a bowl. I thought that was a bit strange. Our order of fish curry usually comes in a bowl.

Turns out our dear server (her son, a stoic individual who has an MBA but obviously missed the class on customer service with a smile) didn’t ask, and we forgot to mention we wanted the fillet, not the fish. We-ell, we thought he knew but apparently he didn’t.

Anyways, the owner (she’s not the friendly lady I mentioned here) was quick to defend her son, “But you didn’t say fillet!” And we were like, it’s fine, we don’t have time to argue, our tummies need food, we’ll just go with this.

Some bones to pick

To be honest, I’m a little rusty where fish bones are concerned. I mean, isn’t life busy enough as it is? Who needs to bother with bones when you can have fillet instead, right?

Still it was a fun challenge picking our way through this obstacle course of bones, fins and gills. The fins and tail were the best parts, so crispy we chomped everything down to this. Please excuse the mess.

Some bones to pick

We did good, huh? I think we did. But I’m definitely more of a fillet person. I just want to enjoy my meal and not have bones to pick with a squeaky shoe, know what I mean? *winks*