Not your wimpy skimpy shrimp scampi


We’ve had shrimp scampi pasta three times in these two weeks. If something tastes good, just cook it again, and again, that’s how we roll. Nothing wrong with that. And it’s all because we recently started buying tail-on frozen shrimp that’s been cleaned and deveined instead of the cooked shrimp we usually buy.

These raw shrimps are great because they go straight from the freezer into the pot with very little thawing required. I usually soak them in a bowl of water for a few minutes to remove the icicles and to soften them just a little.

Cooked shrimps will shrink quite a bit when cooked. Lol I like that – when cooked shrimps are cooked!! What the heck am I saying? Anyhow since they’re already cooked, I can’t leave them in for too long or there’ll be nothing left to eat. But these raw shrimps don’t shrink all that much and still pack a mouthful when fully cooked.

Not your wimpy skimpy shrimp scampi

My experience with shrimp has left me completely unimpressed. I don’t eat live seafood and rarely cook shrimp at home. The only shrimps I eat are probably the ones in eat-out noodles, etc. and even then, those are always either minuscule or stale. So I’ve learned not to expect much. If I can see the shrimps without a magnifying glass and they don’t disintegrate when chewed on, I’m laughing!

This shrimp scampi pasta is Hip2bDaughter1’s creation tossed with love and cherry tomatoes. And those are not your regular wimpy skimpy shrimps. They’re plump, juicy and pack a crunch and a bounce. Three times in two weeks ain’t much *winks*. Keep it coming!

Not your wimpy skimpy shrimp scampi

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