Last days of summer and this week’s grocery cart

Here in Hipville, it’s the little things that are highly anticipated and become a big talking point. Like the season change, for instance. Last Thursday was the first day of fall and to make her point, Mother Nature dropped the temps to 75C from 99C the previous day. I guess she was just pranking us ‘cos the temps have since shot back up.

While I don’t like the blazing heat, I’m a little sad that the days are getting shorter. I feel like I can get so much more done when the days are longer. In summer, when I get up in the morning just before 6, the sun is already up and it’s bright outside. Somehow that makes me happy. And even after dinner, there’s still over an hour of sunlight left, and that too makes me feel like hey, I still have time to do the laundry or hang out at my computer. Anyhoo…

Foodwise, this week’s highlight was the big ol’ pot of seafood tomyam I cooked for dinner Friday night. Of late, our meals have been fairly lackluster. It’s basically too hot to cook or eat (although we did make a big batch of Korean roast chicken wings that lasted us 2 meals). I figured this appetizing one-pot meal would be perfect.

Last days of summer and this week's grocery cart

Admittedly, I cheated by using a tomyam mix, not that I’d be so inclined to concoct this from scratch, and frozen shrimp that came all cleaned and deveined. So basically all I did was cut up the carrots, red bell pepper, onion and eggplant, throw in the mix and finish off by adding 4 tilapia fillets and 12 shrimps. We ate half and froze the rest for next week.

Grocery day is a highly anticipated weekly event around here. To me, the best thing is not having to rush out of the house to beat the traffic and be at the mall promptly at 10:00 am to snag a parking spot.

This week, we didn’t buy much. Strawberries are still the same price as last week. Gotta grab a box.

Last days of summer and this week's grocery cart

We grabbed two bags of bagels, cinnamon and onion which we’ve never tried before but it’s really tasty. To add some music to our pasta, we got a bottle of sun-dried tomatoes. I hope they’ll make our pasta get up and dance. We also got some party wings, and omg, that pop-in-the-oven tempura that’s so crispy and delicious it beats even the eat-out version.

And yup, you see ’em, don’t you? Those two humongous bags of… junk food!! Ouch, you caught us red-handed!!! Imagine how many times we have to run around Planet Earth to rid ourselves of the guilt and calories yo!

Last days of summer and this week's grocery cart

Nah, don’t be silly, there’s no guilt in eating something you love once in a while. And that nonsense about exercising extra hard the next day to take off the guilt and calories you piled on today, surely you don’t believe that. We-ell, it’d be nice if we could put everything on our fat suit today, peel it off and be miraculously slim again tomorrow lol – but that’s not how it works. So stay calm while we eat ’em amazing potato chips!!!

Last days of summer and this week's grocery cart

We ate one whole bag of these chips last week and they were crazy tasty! We notice Costco sells these ‘limited edition goodies’ for a short while and then they’re gone. We would be sad, very sad if we never saw these again. So those two bags we just bought, we’ll be squirreling them away into deep winter storage and we won’t be touching them till we run out of almonds and walnuts. Promise! *chuckles*

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