Panda now

You may not believe it but I’m sitting here craving Panda. Even though most days, Panda is furthest from my mind, I really, suddenly want to wolf down heaping mouthfuls of their orange chicken, broccoli beef and chow mein. I’m hungry just looking at this picture, and I’m laughing too as I’m writing this.

Panda now

It’s Americanized Chinese food, not the most authentic, and frankly I’d never heard of orange chicken until Panda, but it’s palatable, decent even. Over time, if you eat it often enough, you may develop a taste for their version of Chinese, even begin to like it. Like I did.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for some of the food I’ve been eating lately *sigh*. I swore I wasn’t going to trust those rave reviews but when it comes to what I’ve been missing and wanting to eat for a long time, I have to risk it sometimes.

I know. I only have myself to blame for rushing to believe that those beef ball noodles I used to love would “taste the same now as they did back then”. How I convinced myself that that’s even possible here and now, I don’t know.

Nostalgia, I guess. I do miss those tasty noodles and really wanted to taste them again. I went there only to find out, too late, those beef ball noodles are SO bad I wouldn’t even serve them to my enemies, let alone paying customers. I could go on about how many of my other food faves have deteriorated, but I think I’ll stop myself right here…

… and weep a little for faves that were once tasty and flavorful but are now nothing more than sad, depleted, watered down versions of what they used to be. Enough said, I want some Panda right now!

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